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About this Location

Aspirus Medford Hospital is a 25-bed, non-profit critical access hospital that is accredited by the Joint Commission.

Aspirus Medford Hospital ranks among the TOP 100 Critical Access Hospitals in the nation as identified by iVantage Health Analytics! There are 1,300 Critical Access Hospitals in the United States.

We take seriously our role as a health care provider and steward, promoting health, wellness, and giving back to the communities we serve.

As a means of improving our community service and meeting the changing health care needs of the communities we serve, we have developed a Community Health Needs Assessment Report in addition to an implementation strategy in response to those findings. In collaboration and partnership with the Taylor County Health Department and others, Aspirus Medford Hospital & Clinics also assisted in the development of the 5-year Community Health Plan for Taylor County, issued by the county. Community agencies and members are welcome to apply for Aspirus Medford Hospital & Clinics' Community Benefit Program & Grant Funding for programs and initiatives that have a direct impact on an identified community health need.

Our Facilities

Aspirus Medford Hospital & Clinics are located in Taylor, Price, Clark and Marathon Counties. In addition to the hospital, residents of these counties have convenient access to our pharmacy, six primary care clinics, two therapy centers, a public fitness center, and our senior care services that include a skilled nursing home and assisted living.

Your Hospital Stay

The guest room reserved for you at Aspirus Medford Hospital is based upon your admitting diagnosis and guest room availability on the day of your arrival. You may be moved to a different room as your health changes. Private and semi-private (double bed) rooms are available.

Aspirus Medford Hospital amenities Include:

  • Electronically-adjustable beds
  • Private bath
  • Cable television
  • Free WiFi
  • Med Rock Café 
  • Gift shop
  • Mail service – to and from your room
  • Spacious guest rooms – average size is 230 square feet
  • A personal nurse who is friendly, informative, and always responsive
  • Housekeeping staff with sunny dispositions
  • Comfortable family room space furnished for children
  • Board-certified doctors and specialists
  • Personal trainers (licensed therapists)
  • Personal nutritionists (registered dietitians)
  • Linen services with a hint of April freshness
  • A case manager to assist you with any financial, social and emotional challenges that relate to your stay
  • A quiet night’s rest for a speedy and successful recovery
  • Telecommunication devices for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Knowledge – Free medical, health, and wellness information will be shared with you throughout your stay to help ensure a speedy recovery.

Click below for more information about what you can expect during your stay or a loved one's stay at Aspirus Medford Hospital:

Who Will Take Care of Me?

Hospitalists care for hospitalized inpatient and observation patients. They have specialized training and experience providing care in an inpatient setting.

At Aspirus Medford Hospital, hospitalists are partnered with physicians, forming a solid medical team of knowledge and success. Together they oversee your condition, evaluate your progress, identify special needs and treatments and will review with you (the patient) your care plan options. They will keep you and your family informed and involved.

The hospitalist team excels in communication. Your primary care provider will be informed of your care plan as well.

Visiting Friends & Family

Family members and friends are welcome to visit you or your loved ones at Aspirus Medford Hospital. You, the patient, determine when you would like to receive visitors and who those visitors are.

Visiting Guidelines
We will ask these things of your guests, because patient health and comfort are our primary concerns.

  1. Anyone with a cold, sore throat, flu, or any contagious diseases is encouraged not to visit patients. To control the spread of infection you may be asked to wear a mask.
  2. Visitors in double-occupancy rooms will be asked to be considerate of both patients’ privacy.
  3. Visitors may be limited to ensure adequate rest time for the patient.
  4. Visitors will be asked to maintain a quiet environment and avoid unnecessary noise.
  5. And to help respect and ensure patient privacy and integrity, visitors may be asked to leave the room during tests or treatments, or when a healthcare provider needs to see the patient.

Visitors should check with the attending nurse before bringing gifts to patients to make sure their gift is appropriate; this is especially important if your loved one is a patient with our Intensive Care Unit.

Flowers and balloon bouquets will be delivered to rooms. But please be aware, that many patients and staff are allergic to latex products; therefore, Aspirus is a latex-free facility. Only non-latex balloons will be accepted for delivery to patients.

Crosswalk Cafe & Gifts
The Crosswalk Cafe’ & Gifts is managed by Aspirus Volunteers and is located in the main entry of Aspirus Medford Hospital. The shop has a selection of grab & go foods, Starbucks Coffee, greeting cards, candy, and various gift items.

Parking for patients and visitors is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All parking at Aspirus Medford Hospital is free. Patients and visitors are cautioned not to park in reserved areas or certain designated areas. Please be sure to lock your car.

Waiting Areas
There are specially designated lounge areas for visitors on each patient floor and on the main floor in the lobby.

Med Rock Cafe
The Med Rock Café (cafeteria), located in the basement of Aspirus Medford Hospital, is open daily from 5:30 am until 6:30 pm.

On weekdays, visitors may choose from a variety of hot and cold foods and beverages from our self-serve salad and snack bar, and homemade hot food line.

On weekends and holidays, assorted sandwiches, desserts, and beverages are available.

Vending Machines
Vending machines for snacks and beverages are available 24 hours a day and are located in the basement level near the hospital cafeteria (Med Rock Café) and on the second floor in the Hospital Patient Lounge.

Safety & Security

Patient safety is very important to Aspirus. We have always made this a top priority within our clinics, hospital, and nursing & rehabilitation centers. Everyone on the health care team plays a role in making health care safe.

You as a patient guest also play a vital role in making your care safe by becoming an active, involved, and informed member of your health care team. Aspirus implemented the Speak-Up Program to maintain and improve the safety of our patients throughout our organization.

Speak-up if you have any questions or concerns and if you don’t understand, ask again.

Pay attention to the care you are receiving. Ask questions when you don’t understand.

Educate yourself about your diagnosis, medical tests, and your plan of care.

Ask a trusted family member or friend to be with you if you are unable to ask questions for yourself.

Know what medications you take.

Use a health care organization that has undergone rigorous on-site evaluations (Aspirus has).

Participate in decisions about your treatment. You are the center of your health care team.

Family members, friends or Patient Safety Assistants may be utilized for patients identified as “at risk” for falling/wandering.

Smoking/Tobacco-Free Policy
Aspirus is a no smoking/tobacco-free campus. Smoking is prohibited in the buildings and on the grounds. Chewing tobacco is also prohibited. Your doctor may prescribe a nicotine substitute while you are hospitalized. Tobacco receptacles are present at most entrances for patients and visitors to extinguish smoking materials before entering the facility.

Our staff is instructed to inform anyone smoking or using tobacco products of our no smoking policy and will direct them to a tobacco receptacle.

Concealed Carry Guidelines
While Wisconsin law allows individuals with a valid permit to carry concealed weapons in public areas and vehicles in Wisconsin, Aspirus does not allow firearms or other weapons in any of its buildings. To alert patients and visitors of this policy, signs are posted at all Aspirus entrances that state "Firearms and other weapons are prohibited on these premises."

If you bring a firearm or other weapon to an Aspirus building, please leave it locked in your vehicle during your visit.

Individuals who bring a weapon into any of Aspirus’ buildings will be asked to secure the weapon in their locked vehicle.

Wheelchairs are available on all nursing units. Please ask for assistance if you need a wheelchair.

Fire Drills
For your protection, Aspirus conducts fire and disaster drills regularly. If a drill occurs while you are in the facility, please remain in your room and wait for further instructions, if necessary. The hospital is a fire-resistant building, and facility personnel are trained in fire safety.

Special regulations are in effect in areas where patients are receiving oxygen. Electrically-operated equipment, cellular phones and aerosol products are not permitted in these areas.

Guests and patients are asked not to bring items of value to the hospital. If you do bring a valuable item, it should be deposited in the safe in the Patient Financial Services office. You will be given a written receipt for all items, which must be presented when you withdraw them. The hospital does not accept responsibility for items of value unless they are deposited in the safe.

Security Cameras
All Aspirus hospital campuses are under surveillance. External and internal security cameras are utilized throughout the facility.

Annual Report

Aspirus Medford Hospital puts together an annual report to showcase its services and community impact.

View 2019 Annual Report

Hospital Charges

To help people make informed decisions, Aspirus posts standard gross charges for services and and other items offered at its hospitals.

Learn More

For additional financial assistance information, please visit the Pay Bill/Financial Assistance area on our website.

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Additional Contacts

  • Oncology Appointments : 715-748-8851
    Cardiac Rehab Appointments: 715-748-8187
    Mammography Appointments: 715-847-2550
    Day Surgery Nurses Desk: 715-748-8846
    Emergency - 715-748-8100 ext. 18108:

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