Valve Center

Advanced care for heart valve disease.

Heart valve disease is a serious condition that can occur at any age and is dangerous if left untreated.

The Valve Center located at Aspirus Wausau Hospital is the region’s only resource dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of valvular heart disease. Patients of the Valve Center benefit from the most advanced treatments available.

The Valve Clinic experience is designed as a one-day visit. In one complete day, patients undergo a comprehensive exam that includes a thorough clinical assessment, diagnostic studies, and education about the severity of their valve disease.

Advanced Surgical Options

Aspirus Heart & Vascular is a regional leader in surgical treatment for heart valve disease. Recent surgical advances allow for more options to repair diseased valves, including:

For more information on all things related to heart valve disease, including available treatments and patient testimonials, check out our site devoted to our Valve Center.




Contact Us

To schedule an appointment, please call the The Valve Clinic at 877-974-3571.




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    Don McClellan's Aspirus Story

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