Infertility Care

The road to a successful pregnancy can be a difficult one. For many people, access to care can be an obstacle to achieving pregnancy and starting a family.

Aspirus OB/GYN providers offer a range of infertility services that includes diagnosis and treatment options such as induction of ovulation with medications, ultrasound exams, and intrauterine inseminations

In addition, reproductive endocrinology (infertility specialist) referrals and consultations are available to patients. Reproductive endocrinologists provide services such as in vitro fertilization. While some travel might be necessary, whether you need to receive in-person care from the reproductive endocrinologist or not, the majority of your pregnancy care can be provided by Aspirus in your community.

For more information, call the Women’s Health Nurse Navigator at 715-847-0477 or toll free at 888-236-2483.

Nurse Navigator

  • Our Nurse Navigator is your resource to confidentially discuss wellness, health issues, and explore your options within the Aspirus family of providers and services.
  • Available to women free of charge
  • Call her: 715-847-0477 or toll free 888-236-2483
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Our Nurse Navigator is available for Live Chat during normal business hours, Monday-Thursday. If she is offline, you can leave her a message and she will get back to you as soon as she can.

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