Stop the Bleed Program

Emergency situations can occur without warning, at anytime. Regardless of how fast emergency responders can arrive on the scene, bystanders will typically be the first people available who can help. This can be especially important if someone is experiencing uncontrolled bleeding.

A person with uncontrolled bleeding can die within five minutes, so it is important to quickly stop blood loss. Anyone at the scene can act as immediate responder and save lives if they know what to do.

Stop the Bleed is a nationwide campaign of the American College of Surgeons, The Committee on Trauma and the Harftord Consensus that empowers people to act quickly and be the help until help arrives. You can learn how to use your hands, dressings and tourniquets to control bleeding to immediately assist people with massive or uncontrolled bleeding until professional responders arrive.

Training through Aspirus

The Aspirus trauma team is proud to offer Stop the Bleed group training to schools, businesses and organizations in our communities. If you would like this training offered at your organization please call 715-847-2234 or email. Please note that training typically takes about an hour and is a combination of lecture and hands on skills.

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