Can I go to any of the Aspirus labs?

Lab tests ordered as part of your routine care will typically be done on-site at the clinic where you receive your medical care. Testing ordered as part of a hospitalization or emergency visit will be done through our hospital labs.

If you are asked to get a routine lab test performed outside of an appointment or have a lab order from a non-Aspirus doctor, you may visit any of the Aspirus sites on Our Locations web page for your lab work.  

Note: Semen Analysis Specimens are limited in drop-off locations and times. Check with your provider.

Do I need to have an appointment for lab work?

Yes, as this helps to manage wait times and provide you with the optimal experience. Patients will be registered upon arrival and lab orders entered into our system as needed.  

If you have any written orders or other paperwork related to the lab appointment, please bring them with you. 

How do I schedule a lab appointment and who do I call with questions regarding my appointment?

You may schedule your appointments in your MyAspirus portal if the desired location offers this feature, or by calling the location where you would like to go.

Aspirus providers may enter lab orders into Epic, patients may hand carry paper orders or have their non-Epic providers fax their orders to the Lab. Patients may call ahead to ensure the orders are available. 

Should I take my medicine before my lab work?

Please contact your doctor’s office for information about taking your medication. Medication allowed to be taken should only be with water. 

Why is my information verified during registration?

The laboratory needs to have correct and complete information from you, including your current insurance information. This information will allow us to return your test results to your provider as quickly as possible and ensure accurate billing for services.

Please bring the following:

  • Laboratory orders (if you have been given the orders at your provider’s office)
  • Current insurance information
  • Photo ID recommended, but not required

Does my testing have any special requirements?

Some tests do have special requirements. Please check with your provider regarding any medications that you are taking, and do not discontinue these unless requested by your provider to do so.

Your provider will tell you in advance if your tests require the following:

  • Fasting: Some tests require fasting for accurate results. Fasting means that other than water - you must not have anything to eat, drink or chew. This includes coffee, juice, tea, alcohol, chewing gum or other candy or lozenge.
    • Lab fasting recommendations: Fasting glucose - 8 hours; Lipid Profile — 12 hours. 
      You may drink water, but not more than usual. Drinking water and staying hydrated will improve your experience. 
  • Kits: Your provider may request a test that is sent out to a reference lab other than the reference lab used by Aspirus. Please bring any special specimen container or mailer with the required paperwork provided by your healthcare provider.
  • Glucose Tolerance: For your safety, you must stay at the lab for the duration of the test. For two hour, three hours or longer tolerance tests, you must be fasting and will be required to drink Glucola.