Tummy Tuck

Many people want a flat and well-toned abdomen. Sometimes diet and exercise cannot achieve these desired outcomes. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, can flatten your abdomen by removing loose skin, excess fat, and tightening and restoring separated muscles. A tummy tuck can also be combined with other procedures such as liposuction and/or breast enhancement.

Unless you gain or lose a significant amount of weight, or become pregnant, your abdomen should remain flatter and firmer for many years.  

A tummy tuck is not a substitution for weight loss.  

Reasons to Consider a Tummy Tuck:

  • You feel that pregnancy and/or aging has changed the appearance of your abdomen
  • You have lost a significant amount of weight which has led to stretched abdominal skin
  • Exercise and diet have not improved the shape of your torso
  • You have excess fat or skin around your belly button, leaving you with a lower abdominal bulge

What to Expect at the Tummy Tuck Consultation:

Be prepared with the following information:

  • Your reasons for wanting a tummy tuck and your desired outcomes.
  • Your medical history and allergies.
  • A list of your current prescriptions and use of any over-the-counter medications, supplements, and vitamins.
  • Use of alcohol and tobacco. Surgery will not be a consideration unless off all tobacco for a minimum of six weeks.

During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will:

  • Discuss your options. There are different options for a tummy tuck. depending on the amount of change you would like to see.
  • Recommend a course of treatment.
  • Evaluate your skin tone and the amount of excess skin and fat around your abdomen.

What to Expect the Day of Surgery

  • The surgery may require an overnight stay.
  • You will be given anesthesia during the procedure.
  • Dressing will be applied to your incision and you will be wrapped in a compression bandage to minimize swelling.
  • You may have a small temporary drain under your skin to drain any excess fluid.

What to Expect during Recovery


  • You will need help with childcare for several days after surgery.
  • You will not be allowed to drive for several days.
  • You will need to wear support garment to minimize swelling and support your body as it heals.
  • There will be some sutures, and perhaps some small drains, that need to be removed after a few days.
  • You will need to be careful about bending and lifting or anything that will strain the incision for the first six weeks.

Potential Risks of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Risks associated with tummy tuck surgery are very infrequent but could include:

  • An infection at the surgical site
  • Bleeding under the skin
  • Changes in skin sensation
  • Potential scarring