Specimen Drop-Off

To ensure that all specimens are acceptable for testing and provide optimal results for the testing ordered, please follow the drop-off requirements below.

1.    Collection Requirements

  • All specimens must be packaged in sterile and leak-proof containers.
  • The appropriate temperature for proper specimen storage and transport to the lab must be followed (i.e. refrigerated, kept at room temperature, delivered within the required time of collection, etc.)  
  • Semen analysis specimens are limited in acceptable drop-off locations and times as indicated on the collection instructions given to you by your healthcare provider. 
  • Please follow any additional instructions given to you by your healthcare provider.

2.    Labeling Requirements

  • All specimen containers must be labeled with the following:
    i. Patient Full Legal Name
    ii. Patient Date of Birth
    iii. Collection Date and Time

3.    Drop-Off Process

  • Stop at the on-site Registration desktop check-in before bringing the specimen to the laboratory.
  • If you have any written orders or other paperwork related to the lab work, please bring them with the specimen.
  • After checking in, you’ll be seen by a lab staff member to ensure the container is properly labeled and collected, the lab order reviewed, and the tests requested match the specimen provided.