Clinical Trials

Aspirus believes that patients come first.  Because our patients are our number one priority, we are committed to participating in medical research clinical trials that offer hope when other medical interventions have been inadequate, intolerable or viable options don’t currently exist. 

The Aspirus Research Institute offers patients access to the most state-of-the-art treatment options involving medications, medical devices and other biotechnology therapy. 

What are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials pave the way for new treatments to become available to all patients. Patients potentially benefit from clinical trials through opportunities to receive the most advanced care available and they can take pride in the fact that they are helping to advance medical knowledge through their participation. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates clinical trials.  Trials must be conducted on any new medication, biologic or medical device before it can be available in the United States. The FDA grants permission to conduct clinical trials under very strict regulatory guideline. 

More about Clinic Trials   

All clinical research trials at the Aspirus Research Institute are led by one of our dedicated physician investigators who are the leaders in their field. These physicians work closely with a patient’s other healthcare providers to maximize a research participant’s outcomes. All trials are also approved and monitored by the Aspirus Wausau Hospital Institutional Review Board (IRB), which ensure participant’s rights and safety is protected.

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Is there any cost to participate in a clinical trial?

There is no cost to the participants.  Costs are covered by the sponsors of the clinical study.

Are there any risks to participating in a trial?

All medical research may involve some level of potential risk for the participant. Participants are informed all potential risks and benefits prior to participation.

What are the benefits of participating in a trial?

Participants gain satisfaction knowing that they are advancing healthcare for future generations through finding more effective treatments for a particular disease they themselves struggle with.

What is a placebo?

Some clinical trials utilize placebos. Placebos are inactive drugs or treatments. They are used in clinical trials to test the effectiveness of the actual drug.

Is my participation kept private?

Absolutely! An independent oversight board, Aspirus IRB, oversees all of the clinical trials taking place.  Not only do they ensure the safety of each participant, the Aspirus IRB also safeguards each participant’s privacy.

Contact Information

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Aspirus Cancer Care
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For a listing of Phase I cancer trials that are being conducted at our affiliate, the UWCCC, contact:

UWCCC Cancer Connect
800-622-8922 or 608-262-5223

For a listing of trials available through MCOW, please contact:

Medical College of Wisconsin
414-805-9001 or visit the website