Community Contributions

We remain committed to our mission of healing people, promoting health, and strengthening communities and are committed to contributing to events and organizations that focus on addressing Aspirus Health’s identified community health priorities. Thank you.

Our mission is to heal people, promote health, and strengthen communities. We are committed to contributing to events and organizations that focus on addressing community health priorities. These priorities include:

  • Mental Health
  • Alcohol & Other Drug Use (AODA)
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Access to Healthcare
  • Chronic Disease

As a non-profit organization, Aspirus Health only contributes to eligible 501(c)(3) organizations, governmental and other public agencies. 501(c)(3) organizations are exempt from federal income tax. W-9 forms must be provided along with your donation request.

To ensure we evaluate and assess each request equitably, a cross-departmental team reviews the request on a quarterly basis. Please note that it can take up to 45-60 days to have your request reviewed.

Aspirus does not support the following types of requests for contributions:

  • For-profit businesses
  • Politically-focused organizations
  • Proposals seeking general support for operating expenses, including salaries
  • Events outside of the communities Aspirus serves
  • Fundraising for individuals with a medical condition
  • Contributions to individuals for sports teams, travel or competitions
  • Causes that compete with the fundraising efforts of the Aspirus Health Foundation
  • Third party fundraisers

Requests for funding must be made through the online form on this page. Fill out the form as completely as possible, as every detail has impact during the request evaluation process. Requests are reviewed quarterly. A W-9 tax form must accompany your request.

Aspirus Health is responding to the identified community health needs through a series of steps that we collectively refer to as our “implementation strategy”. Included in this strategy is the support of community programs via funding for initiatives that have a direct impact on a community health need.

Community benefits are programs or activities that provide treatment or promote health and healing as a response to identified community health needs and meet at least one of these objectives:

  • Improve access to health care services
  • Enhance public health
  • Advance increased general knowledge
  • Relieve or reduce the burden of government to improve health

Requests will be reviewed on the following timeline:

      June 1
      September 1
      December 1
      March 1 
      July 15
      October 15
      January 15
      April 15

If you have any questions, please email