Gratitude In Action

Together, we impact the health and well-being of our neighbors, colleagues, friends, and loved ones. Through philanthropy, we can improve our hospitals and clinics and provide our caregivers with advanced equipment and technology. At the Aspirus Health Foundation, we strive to put gratitude into action. Inspired by the Aspirus Mission to health people, promote health and strengthen communities, we are proud to partner with our grateful patients and families, community organizations, corporations and leaders to help provide the highest level health care…today and for future generations.

Grateful Family Gifts to Help Others

When Dan Pestka from Ontonagon was transferred to Aspirus Wausau Hospital for a life-threatening health condition, his father, Norman, was by his side during his nearly month-long stay. Norman was so grateful for the exceptional care and support his son received that he chose to honor Dan’s physician and care team with a gift to the Aspirus Family House to help other family members in similar situations.

The Aspirus Family House provides a safe, affordable place to stay for the thousands of patients and family members who travel to for emergency and specialty care at Aspirus in Wausau.

While the Pestka family did not need to use the Family House during Dan’s stay, they wanted to ensure that it’s there for others who need it. Learn more about the Aspirus Family House, click here

Donations Help Our Tiniest Patients

Moriah Main’s second child was born at Aspirus Medford Hospital. Within hours, baby Aspen’s bilirubin count was dangerously high and she needed to be transferred to the Aspirus Anya Marie Jackson Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Wausau. “This tiny, helpless baby, only hours old, was hooked up to equipment, placed in a NICU transporter and readied for her first ambulance ride.” Moriah was able to view Aspen 24/7 thanks to a secure “NicView” web camera system until the two were able to be reunited.

Aspen is now 3 and thriving. Grateful for the lifesaving treatment her daughter received in the NICU, Moriah wanted to do something to say thank you. She enlisted the help of some of the students and families from the school where she teaches, and together they made fleece blankets for other NICU babies. Aspen had been gifted with a similar blanket when she was a patient there and accompanied her mom to make the special delivery.

“I know my child would not be here if not for the Aspirus NICU in Wausau. Making sure other infants, the tiniest patients, are taken care of is the greatest gift we can give."

Compassionate Contributions to Support Hospice Care 

Barbara Powell was a hospice nurse for the latter part of her career, and when her own life’s journey was coming to an end, she benefited from that same type of loving care, initially through hospice at home and later at the Aspirus Hospice House.

“We loved every person who came to our home and walked us through caring for my mom,” recalled her daughter, Christy. “When it came time for her to move to the Aspirus Hospice House, she was treated … with such dignity, grace and care.

The Aspirus Hospice House takes the stress of daily caregiving off a family’s shoulders and gives them the space to just be family. It’s a wonderful gift.”

-Christy Powell