Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is any combination of cosmetic procedures that restore your pre-pregnancy appearance, typically focusing on the breasts and abdomen. A mommy makeover might include a tummy tuck , a mini tummy tuck, a breast procedure such as an augmentation, lift, reduction or liposuction of the abdomen, legs, or arms. 

Reasons to Consider a Mommy Makeover

  • You feel that pregnancy has changed the size, shape and tone of your breasts
  • The skin on your abdomen is sagging and you have a bulge, or your abdominal muscles have stretched
  • You have pockets of fat on your waist, abdomen, arms or thighs that do not improve with diet and exercise
  • You are not planning any future pregnancies

What to Expect at the Mommy Makeover Consultation

Be prepared with the following information:

  • Your reasons for wanting a mommy makeover and your desired outcomes
  • Your medical history and allergies
  • A list of your current prescriptions and use of any over-the-counter medications, supplements, and vitamins
  • Use of alcohol and tobacco

During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will:

  • Discuss your options
  • Recommend a course of treatment
  • Evaluate your skin tone
  • Take photographs and measurements of the areas being treated

What to Expect the Day of Surgery

  • Depending on the number of procedures, the surgery will be done as either an inpatient or outpatient.
  • You will be given anesthesia for the procedure.
  • Dressings will be applied to the incisions.
  • Some of the treated areas may be wrapped with support/compression bandages to minimize swelling and support your body as it heals.
  • You will have sutures and may also have small drain tubes to draw off any excess fluid. 

What to Expect During Recovery

  • You will need help with childcare for the first few days after surgery.
  • Your full recovery will take up to six weeks, although you will probably feel well enough to return to light duty work after two weeks.
  • You will not be allowed to drive for several days.
  • There will be some sutures that need to be removed after a few days. You may have drain tubes that will be removed within 1-2 weeks.
  • You will be asked not to lift anything more than 10 pounds and avoid vigorous exercise for six weeks.