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Aspirus Health Foundation raises funds to support Aspirus Health and its Mission to heal people, promote health and strengthen communities. Grant funding within the community is by invitation only, aligned with priorities identified through community health needs assessments and is directed by the Aspirus Community Health Improvement (CHI) team. We invite you to learn more about Aspirus' Community Commitment here

The Aspirus Health Foundation Board of Directors is proud to oversee the work of the Foundation, helping to set the Foundation’s mission, strategy and goals, and ensuring the donations and support entrusted to us are used wisely, to support the purposes for which they are given. Thank you for partnering with us to advance health, enhance health care services, and care for people in our communities.

Aspirus Health Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors

January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024

Stewart Etten, Chair
Ellie Reineck, Vice Chair
Dave Kallstrom, Secretary/Treasurer
Brent Arndt
Erik Carlson
Jim Matheson
Leah Knights 
Kshitij Kohli 
Tony Meyer
Chris Peterson
Keith Pilger
Kurt Rust
Susan Ryman
Sarah Sewell 

Aspirus Health Foundation Team

Lanna Scannell - Vice President, System Philanthropy, Aspirus Health Foundation
Lori Artz
Jane Bentz
Gregg Gutschow
Amanda Lange
Kim Smerda
JoAnne VandenHeuvel

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Aspirus Health Foundation
333 Pine Ridge Boulevard
Wausau, WI 54401
Phone: 715-847-2470
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