Ideal Weight Solution

Shedding those unwanted pounds and maintaining a healthy weight can be challenging. Temporary diets are often unsuccessful and the inconsistent results can leave people frustrated.

Learn how you can achieve success in your weight loss goals when you join others who are benefiting from the Aspirus Ideal Weight Solution, brought to you by Aspirus Cardiology.

The Ideal Weight Solution is a medically supervised, four-phase, partial meal replacement weight loss protocol that targets fat loss while preserving muscle mass. It’s a treatment plan available only through licensed healthcare professionals who provide one-on-one weekly support and education that help you not only lose the weight, but keep it off. A Health Profile and program synopsis are available if you’d like to learn more or you’re ready to get started.

The Aspirus weight management specialists are your resource to help you make lifestyle changes to promote long-term weight loss and improved health.

The Aspirus Ideal Weight Solution:

  • Offers one-on-one meetings with a coach
  • Developed and endorsed by medical doctors
  • Promotes fat loss, while supporting muscle mass
  • Includes weight and measurement progress analysis
  • Up to 12 months of free weight maintenance coaching support

With the Ideal Weight Loss Solution, you will not only see results but also be provided with valuable educational nutrition knowledge to help you sustain your results on a long-term basis.


Ideal Weight Solution Clinics and Coaching hours:

Main Office 
Aspirus Cardiology Wausau
Monday-Thursday 8:00am-4:30pm
Friday 8:00am-3:00pm

Other Locations

Coaching days and times vary for the following locations:
Aspirus Cardiology-Rhinelander
Aspirus Stevens Point Clinic
Aspirus Cardiology-Riverview Wisconsin Rapids
Aspirus Medford Hospital and Clinic 

To register for a FREE informational workshop (required to start the program) and to be mailed a registration packet, call 715-847-2380

Staff Bios

Click below for more information on our staff:

Timothy Logemann, MD, FACC, ABOM - Medical Director

Tim LogemannAfter 20 years in private practice in cardiology I have seen way too often, firsthand, the devastation obesity and its related problems bring to patients’ lives. I have seen people struggle mightily against this problem, often with limited results despite all their efforts and energy. So I was very excited to work with our great staff to bring this program to life for the benefit of our community here in central Wisconsin. The results that we see and smiles and hugs we receive truly make my day.

Sammi I. - Team Lead

Sammi II am a very fun and energetic person that loves to help people reach their goals. I have been a Health and Wellness Specialist with Aspirus Occupational Health since April 2012 and an Ideal Protein coach since May 2013. I am fortunate to have found my passion in life and make it my career. My absolute favorite part about coaching is when I see someone have an “ah ha” moment and everything starts to click for them. By using my health and wellness background I hope to encourage many others to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Favorite Ideal Protein Food: Chocolate Drink Mix

Holly P. - RN

Holly PagelI’ve been a nurse for 8 years and on a daily basis I see the impact that obesity has on a person’s personal life and health. A goal of mine has always been to take the best care of myself that I can, so that I can live a long healthy life and help others to do the same. Working with Ideal Protein I get can tell patients that, due to a weight loss, they are able to stop medications that they have been on for years. Weight loss has a very powerful and positive impact in our lives and I feel very fortunate to be involved with the program.

Favorite Ideal Protein Food: Southwest Cheese curls, Garlic soy chips and pre-made strawberry banana drink

Debbi W. - Health Coach

Deborah WarrenI have been interested in health and nutrition for most of my life. I have a nursing background and worked as a nutrition educator for UW Extension-Lincoln/Marathon Counties before my current position as a health coach. I am lucky to have a job that allows me to work with people who want to make lifestyle changes and improve their health. I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, gardening and all things food-related.

Favorite Ideal Protein Food: Chocolate Soy Puffs

Riley P. - Health Coach

Riley PetersonI received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point with the Health Promotion and Wellness major in 2015. I started working for Aspirus in 2016 as a Nutritional Health Coach / Administrative Assistant and couldn’t be happier. I have always enjoyed studying nutrition, fitness and general health. I have had many opportunities to learn about all aspects of wellness through several classes, practicums, internships and through previous employment as well. I am grateful Ideal Weight Solution has given me the opportunity to help other reach their goals.

Favorite Ideal Protein Food: Salt and Vinegar Crisps

Ann M. - Health Coach

Pursuing and receiving a degree in Health Promotion and Wellness was an easy choice for me. I was raised with the importance of gardening and eating fresh, in-season foods that were grown right at home at a young age. Having a family of my own, I now try to do the same for them.  Over the past 10 years, I’ve spent time teaching Yoga and Stress Management, which are also important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight. Seeing the joy of setting and achieving weight goals is such a rewarding experience; I look forward to being part of yours.

Favorite Ideal Protein Food: Cappuccino Drink

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