New Graduate RN Apprentice Program

When beginning your nursing career, you have many choices to make. Where do you want to work? What specialty is the best fit for you? Getting the best start is important to your future.

To help you find the place where you will thrive, Aspirus Wausau Hospital offers a New Graduate RN Apprentice Program. If you are unsure where you want to practice, you will receive the opportunity to work in several different inpatient hospital departments prior to selecting your final position.

How Does It Work?

When enrolled in the program as a new graduate RN, you will spend time in each of our units at Aspirus Wausau Hospital that support new graduate hires. This includes Medical/Pediatrics, Post-Surgical Care, Oncology, Palliative Care, Rehab, Med/Surg Intermediate and the Cardiac Telemetry Unit. The initial orientation is six weeks in length.

After orientation, you will then work an additional six weeks on that unit, followed by rotating to each of the other units for six weeks at a time. At any time in this rotation, if you find your preferred unit, we will work to obtain a permanent position for you there and you would then “graduate” from the program.

At the conclusion of the full rotation, you will then meet with leaders to discuss what you think is the best-matched unit for your home-base. This may also include the Float Pool, where nurses float to the units that sponsor the New Graduate RN program at Aspirus Wausau Hospital.

How Do I Get Started?

Applications are accepted year-round for the program. You must be in your last semester or within 6 months of graduation from Nursing School. You will need a RN License prior to your start date.

Phone interviews as part of the selection process.  Offers are contingent on pre-employment physical and background checks. Once hired, you will work with program leads to choose your department rotation schedule.

To Apply Contact
Elizabeth Flora
PH 715.847-2000 Ext: 50038

Aspirus believes in giving you the best foundation possible to start to your nursing career. We welcome new RN graduates and are dedicated to providing a supportive environment to foster your growth.