SkinScope LED

The SkinScope is a full-face diagnostic tool that reveals visible and underlying skin imperfections including accumulated sun damage, congested pores, oily spots, dehydrated and thinner skin, uneven texture, and poor desquamation (the natural process of skin cells being created, sloughed away, and replaced by new skin cells).

The SkinScope allows skincare professionals to detect and identify skin concerns and then recommend skin care regimes and treatments based on the client’s skin care needs. 

The SkinScope also enables follow-up documentation of the effectiveness of the recommended regime and treatments.

Features of the SkinScope

Many skin concerns and imperfections are visible during the daylight hours. UV light displays the damage underneath the skin’s surface.

The SkinScope has two light modes:

  • Daylight – The simulated daylight mode allows for the clear illumination of “visible” concerns.  The skincare professional can pinpoint what concerns the patient has and can highlight areas of redness, irritation, visible dryness, oiliness, wrinkles, and pigmentation.
  • LED-UV – The LED-UV mode illuminates sub-surface imperfections visualized by the fluorescence of the skin.  This shows the concerns that may be faintly visible in daylight but are emphasized under UV light.

What to Expect During a SkinScope Consultation

You will be asked to come to the consultation with a clean, make-up free face.  You will place your face into the SkinScope under both the daylight and LED settings.  A photograph will be taken in both settings. A skin care and treatment protocol will be recommended.  Subsequent SkinScope consultations will compare the improvements to your skin with the photographs taken at the first consultation.