MedEvac Community Outreach

MedEvac receives many requests from civic organizations, community groups, EMS, law enforcement agencies, and private businesses for the helicopter or ground units to participate in special events.

Due to the great demand and limited resources we have developed the following guidelines for requesting MedEvac helicopter or ground units to attend events.

MedEvac will make an effort to accommodate all events that:

  • Simulate accident scenes or community disaster exercises
  • Provide continuing education opportunities for hospital departments or EMS providers.
  • Provide safety & landing zone training to EMS departments, hospitals, fire departments, law enforcement agencies

The above events will receive priority when planning outreach activities.

Consideration will be given to the following events:

  • Community events
  • Private business or corporate events
  • Events targeted to children

During any outreach activity, MedEvac is still considered “in-service”. Should the need arise, the helicopter or ground units will leave to attend to patient transport at any time during the event. These conditions may also cause MedEvac to arrive late or have the need to cancel an appearance without notice. Weather conditions will also be taken into account and the helicopter will not fly if optimal conditions do not exist.

When submitting a request for an outreach event, please include: 

  • Your name
  • Name of Organization
  • Phone & Email
  • Description of event
  • Location, Date and time of event

If you would like to submit an event inquiry, or have any questions, submit an online request form or contact:

Matthew Thompson, EMT-B
EMS Outreach Coordinator
Aspirus MedEvac

MedEvac helicopter services are operated by PHI Air Medical.