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Mental Health Treatment & Counseling

Behavioral health specialists at Aspirus and in the Aspirus Network offer psychiatry, psychology, counseling and social work services.

Our providers have experience in helping patients with a wide variety of needs, including addiction, family and marriage counseling, depression and much more.


Psychiatrists are physicians specially trained in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illnesses, including substance abuse and addiction. They treat and counsel adults, adolescents, children and families.

Their medical education provides them with the knowledge and understanding of causes for a patient’s feelings and symptoms, allowing them to provide expert diagnosis and care.

Aspirus offers psychiatry services and also has partnerships with other psychiatry providers.


Psychologists are providers with extensive training and experience in understanding mental functions and behaviors. Psychologists assess patients and their situations to help them understand the reasons for certain behaviors and how to possibly correct behaviors.

Psychologists apply research and reasoning in clinical and therapeutic settings, where they act as counselors.

Aspirus offers psychology services and also has partnerships with other psychology providers.

If you or a loved one needs mental health services or treatment, look for a provider or location near you.