Pharmacy services are available at many Aspirus hospitals and clinics to make it as easy as possible to get the medications you need.

Our pharmacists offer education to make sure you understand your medications, how to take them and why you are taking them.

Our pharmacies accept most insurances, but check with the provider of your pharmacy benefit if you have questions about coverage.

Inpatient Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy services for overnight patients at Aspirus hospitals are provided by clinical pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

Our clinical pharmacists are responsible for:

  • Reviewing patient medication regimens.
  • Screening new orders for potential problems such as drug allergies, drug/food interactions, intravenous (IV) incompatibilities, and the need for dose adjustments. Physicians are informed of potential problems and alternatives.
  • Rounding with medical teams to provide drug information and collaboratively monitor patients' responses to their medications.
  • Managing insulin therapy under a collaborative practice agreement.
  • Actively monitoring antibiotic therapy, total parenteral nutrition (TPN) therapy, IV therapy, and any medications that require additional laboratory monitoring such as gentamicin and vancomycin.
  • Maintaining electronic progress notes that contain information regarding pharmacokinetic dosing recommendations, renal/hepatic dosing adjustments, insulin management or other information related to a patient's medication therapy. 

Prescription Refill Policy

We ask that our patients carefully monitor all prescriptions - quantity of pills remaining and refills remaining - to ensure that you are able to refill your medications in a timely manner.

If you require a refill, and you have refills remaining on a current prescription,

  • Please contact your pharmacy directly and they will be able to fulfill your request.If you are uncertain if you have refills remaining on a current prescription:
  • Please contact your pharmacy directly.
  • If necessary, your pharmacy will send an electronic request for the refill to our office. Your provider will review the request. If approved, the refill will be authorized at your pharmacy within 48 hours from the time our office received the request from your pharmacy. Refill requests are reviewed during regular office hours only. Our office will handle all refill requests submitted or received over the weekend by Tuesday of the following week.

If you are out of refills and/or if your provider does not approve your refill request:

  • Please contact our office as you may need to schedule an appointment with your provider prior to any prescription refills being authorized.
  • Typically, being out of refills of chronic medication indicates that you are due for an annual Health Assessment or follow-up medical visit. Your provider will determine if an office visit is required.

Pharmacy Residency

Aspirus Wausau Hospital offers an ASHP accredited PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice Residency Program. It provides residents with a broad range of clinical experiences with a focus on inpatient acute care, drug information, and practice management.

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