Information For Media

Members of the media are encouraged to use the resources below. Contact any members of the Aspirus public relations team if you are interested in pursuing any health-related stories or are looking for subject matter experts to interview. The Aspirus public relations team can help connect you with a wide array of professionals in many different medical-related fields.

Contacts for Media

  • Iron River Hospital
    • Jenn Jenich-Laplander
      906-337-6541 | Email
  • Ironwood Hospital
    • Jenn Jenich-Laplander
      906-337-6541 | Email
  • Keweenaw Hospital (Laurium)
    • Jenn Jenich-Laplander
      906-337-6541 | Email
  • Langlade Hospital (Antigo)
  • Medford Hospital
  • Ontonagon Hospital
    • Jenn Jenich-Laplander
      906-337-6541 | Email
  • Wausau Hospital
    • Andrew Krauss
      715-847-2780 | Email
  • Riverview Hospital (Wisconsin Rapids)
    • Tami Barber
      715-421-7547 | Email

Patient Condition Reports

The Aspirus public relations staff provides general patient condition information within the limitations imposed by the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). A patient name is required. Release of detailed information or information about minors requires written consent of the parent, guardian or legal representative.

If a patient is admitted, the following one-word responses are permitted:

  • Undetermined:Patient is awaiting physician and assessment.
  • Good: Vital signs, including pulse, respiration rate, temperature and blood pressure, are within normal limits.  The patient is conscious and comfortable.
  • Fair: Vital signs are within normal limits, but the patient may be uncomfortable or suffering minor complications.
  • Serious: Vital signs may be outside normal limits and treatments are being directed toward assisting return of some vital signs to normal limits. There may be signs of organ system instability and mechanical systems may be necessary.
  • Critical: Vital signs are frequently outside normal limits and one or more organ systems are in failure.  There are major complications and artificial devices are being used.  Patient is only partly responsive to outside stimulation or in a coma.
  • Treated and Released: Received treatment but not admitted.
  • Treated and Transferred: Received treatment. Transferred to a different facility. We will not provide the name of the facility in which patients are transferred.

Receive news

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