Aspirus Network

Aspirus Network, Inc. (ANI) is a Clinically Integrated Network of leading primary and specialty care physicians, hospitals and allied health care professionals. Aspirus Network negotiates contracts on behalf of its members with employers and health plans. ANI works closely with the Aspirus Health Plan, to help deliver direct access to high-value, personalized health care that aims to improve the health and well-being through all health care needs.

ANI aligns all elements of the care continuum to advance quality and improvement efforts that produce better clinical outcomes, enhanced patient experiences and controlled costs. Provider members of Aspirus Network have the opportunity to help identify and drive quality improvement initiatives, serve as advocates for healthier communities, and provide ongoing feedback on the Network’s strategic direction. 

Governance Structure

Board of Directors

Aspirus Network, Inc. (ANI) is governed by a Board of Directors that consists of 9 elected members. Aspirus Network has four governing committees that report up to the Board. The Board has regularly scheduled monthly meetings with the right to hold a special meeting at the discretion of the Chairman or Executive Director.

Board Members

  • Aaron Anderson, MD – Chair
  • William Johnston, MD – Vice Chair
  • Ryan Andrews, MD
  • Benjamin Hackett, MD
  • Benjamin Herdrich, MD
  • Matthew Heywood
  • Shannon Lozon, DPM
  • Lori Peck, (Ex-officio)
  • Christopher Platta, MD
  • Sidney Sczygelski

Physician Leadership Committee

The Physician Leadership Committee (PLC) is comprised of physician leaders collaborating to provide oversight for the Clinical Value program and support of quality or improvement efforts of Aspirus Network's Clinically Integrated Network (CIN). PLC has regularly scheduled monthly meetings.


  • Jason Chan, MD – Chair
  • Ridhwi Mukerji, MD – Vice Chair
  • Connie Bradley
  • David Edmondson, DO
  • Amanda Eilers, MD
  • Mike Frangiskakis, MD, PhD
  • Nate Grabher, MD
  • Shannon Lozon, DPM
  • Jenny Redman-Shell
  • William Wilfley, MD

Credentialing Committee

The Credentialing Committee has oversight of our credentialing policy and participation requirements for network membership. The Credentialing Committee evaluates provider applications, reapplications and supporting documentation regarding approvals, denials, terminations or other actions as it relates to payor credentialing. The Committee has regularly scheduled monthly meetings.


  • Laura Sherrill, MD – Chair
  • (Open) – Vice Chair
  • Jonathan Brueggeman, DPM
  • Adam Clements, DO
  • William Johnston, MD
  • Karen Jones
  • Samir Kulkarni, MD
  • Jennine Larson, MD
  • Laura Sherrill, MD

Payor Contracting Committee

The Payor Contracting Committee (PCC) has oversight of the interpretation and evaluation of Payor (or network) & employer market based reimbursement strategies and related contracts. PCC has regularly scheduled monthly meetings.


  • Jen Cohrs – Chair
  • Jennifer Hinker – Vice Chair
  • Todd Dirkman
  • John Monks
  • Mike Murphy
  • Lori Peck
  • Larry Sponder
  • Pat Tincher

Network Engagement Committee

The Network Engagement Committee is responsible for investigating and evaluating mechanisms for engaging provider members in participation of Aspirus Network's Clinically Integrated Network (CIN). The Committee has regularly scheduled monthly meetings.


  • Cathy Rohling – Chair
  • Kathleen Arendt – Vice Chair
  • Ryan Andrews, MD
  • Jamie Babbitts
  • Jayson Dykema
  • Debbie Hoffman
  • Rebecca Hurley
  • John Monks
  • Robert Smith 


3000 Westhill Drive, Suite 300
Wausau, WI 54401

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