Breast Reconstruction

Deciding on breast reconstruction is a highly personal decision and it can also be a physical and emotionally rewarding experience for women who have lost a breast due to cancer or who have a congenital breast abnormality.

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Options for Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction can be a single procedure or multiple procedures that reconstructs a breast mound. Breast reconstruction is highly individualized.  The various techniques are dependent on the patient’s anatomy and desired outcome.  The plastic surgeon will take these factors inconsideration before recommending a reconstruction technique.

  • Breast reconstruction utilizing the flap technique.
    • This technique utilizes the patient’s own tissues to create a new breast.
    • It is used when there is little tissue remaining after the mastectomy.
    • Tissue is usually taken from the abdomen, but tissue can also be taken from the patient’s back.
  • Breast reconstruction with tissue expansion and implants. 
    • The first part of this technique is to insert tissue expander, a balloon-like device under the remaining breast tissue during the mastectomy.
    • Over several weeks the balloon is filled with saline through a tiny valve under the skin.  This will allow the skin to slowly stretch, much like the abdomen stretches during pregnancy. The tissue expander will create a breast-shaped pocket for an implant.
    • The tissue expander is removed and replaced with an implant during a surgical procedure. 

What type of Candidates are Considered for Breast Reconstruction?

  • Women with no other underlying health conditions.
  • Women who are non-smokers. 
  • Women who have been able to cope well with their diagnosis and treatment. 
  • What to Expect During Recovery

  • There will be four to six weeks of downtime.
  • There will be soreness and bruising. This will resolve with time.
  • There will be swelling and sensitivity, which get better over time.
  • Questions to Ask Our Aspirus Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons

    As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks. Although the risks are unlikely, they could include:

  • Am I a good candidate for breast reconstruction?
  • Will reconstruction interfere with chemotherapy?
  • Will reconstruction interfere with radiation treatments?
  • What type of breast reconstruction makes sense for me?
  • What are the risks and benefits of each reconstruction option?
  • What will the recovery process be like?
  • How long will the reconstruction last?
  • Will I need to stay in the hospital?

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