Aspirus Volunteer Annual Requirements

Thank you for choosing to be a Aspirus Volunteer! At Aspirus, we are committed to providing the best possible health care and services to those we serve. As an Aspirus volunteer, you are an important part and valuable member of our team. Each volunteer is unique and has a contribution to make. You play an important role in determining whether people are pleased with their overall care and will elect to return to us for their future health care services. The support and services you provide are essential to the long-term success of Aspirus.

All Aspirus Volunteers must complete a set of three requirements annually to remain a volunteer. Below you will find links to the three requirements. Please review each training document and then subsequently complete and submit each applicable quiz or attestation.

If you have any questions, contact the Aspirus Wausau Volunteers staff at 715-847-2848. Please note – currently the links on this page are for Aspirus Wausau Volunteers only. 

Annual Requirements:

  1. Annual Volunteer Training
  2. Volunteer Study Guide

    Training Quiz

  3. Compliance
  4. Compliance Video

    Compliance Quiz

  5. Code of Conduct 
  6. Code of Conduct Guide

    Code of Conduct Submission Form