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      139 S Gibson Street
      Medford, WI 54451

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    • Monday-Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
      Closed: Weekends & Holidays
      Prescription refills are accepted 24/7

About this Location

Aspirus Pharmacy – Medford is conveniently located on Aspirus Medford Hospital’s main floor, immediately to the right after entering the building’s main entrance. The pharmacy:

  • Offers FREE in home delivery of your prescriptions by mail*  (This includes winter homes in warmer climates.)
  • Accepts Rx refills 24/7 by calling: 715.748.5800
  • Will keep your credit or debit card on file for future orders*
  • Accepts nearly every insurance
  • Will Text or Email you when your prescription is ready for pick up*
  • Offers synchronized prescription refills so you get all your prescriptions the same day (Sync My Meds)*
  • Consults with your physician (no matter who or where they are located) regarding your progress and treatments.
  • Helps you identify an alternative medication, in collaboration with your physician, if you are having adverse reaction.
  • Accepts prescriptions by phone, fax and electronically from any physician's office.

* Sign up at the pharmacy

If you are in our facility, the pharmacy will provide you with a pager, allowing you to freely visit others in Aspirus Medford Hospital or partake in a coffee/snack at the Crosswalk Café & Gifts. When your prescription is ready, the pager lights up.

Medication Drop Box

Medication Drop Box

Medford-area residents can dispose of old and unused medications at the Aspirus Medford Pharmacy’s medication drop box.


  • Pour pills out of bottles and into a plastic Ziploc bag before placing in the drop box
  • Keep prescription fluids in original bottles
  • Keep prescription salves and lotions in original tubes and containers
  • Bubble-packed prescription pills can remain in packaging

The following cannot be accepted:

  • Pills in original prescription bottles
  • Sharps
  • Non-prescription fluids, salves, and lotions in original containers or bottles (examples: Pepto-Bismol, calamine lotions)


  • Do NOT flush old medications down the toilet or drain
  • Do NOT place old medications in the trash

SHARPS Collection 

Medford-area residents can dispose of SHARPS (needles, syringes, lancets) at Aspirus Pharmacy - Medford.

What to do:

  • Put used SHARPS in heavy plastic container (examples: bleach or liquid detergent containers with screw caps, SHARPS disposal container purchased from your local pharmacy)
  • Shake to maximize space
  • Place label on outside of container that says: SHARPS
  • Bring the full, secured container to Aspirus Pharmacy - Medford

What NOT to do:

  • Do NOT place in trash
  • Do NOT put in plastic milk jugs, coffee cans, plastic bags, soda bottles, or aluminum cans
  • Do NOT put in recycle bin
  • Do NOT put in drug drop box