Aspirus Medford - Sleep Lab

About this Location

Aspirus Medford Hospital has two pulmonary/sleep disorder experts on staff.

You may have a sleep disorder if:

  • After 8 hours of sleep, you still wake up unrefreshed.
  • Your partner says you snore or stop breathing in bed.
  • You nod off during normal daily activities, like reading and driving.
  • You’ve had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep for over a month.
  • You suffer from another chronic health condition or experience mysterious symptoms that keep you awake.

If you suspect that you may have a sleep disorder or sleep apnea, Aspirus Medford Hospital’s Sleep Lab can:

  • Diagnosis your condition.
  • And if needed, ultimately provide you with a breathing apparatus so you may sleep deeply and soundly at night.

Have questions?

Call our Cardiopulmonary Services Director at 715-748-8837: ext. 2.

If you would like to schedule a sleep lab assessment, please ask your provider for a referral.