Work Well

Welcome to the Work Well Toolkit

These resources have been created to provide topic specific links, tips and posters,  as well as direct links to COVID-19 specific guidelines from the Department of Health Services and County public health offices, WI and MI guidelines, OSHA, CDC, and regulatory updates that will help keep your employees safe and your business open. We recommend you begin with Start Here and our Safety Practices Summary Checklist.
All materials are free to download. If you would like additional guidance, the  Aspirus Business Health team is happy to lead you through the tools and provide personalized consultation.


Current Workplace COVID Guidance

With COVID-19 Surging in the Workplace What do You Need to Know:

Safety measures in the workplace continue to be critical to reducing the spread and keeping businesses open:

  • Wash hands and sanitize the work environment frequently
  • Wear masks
  • Social distancing of at least 6 feet
  • If you are not feeling well stay at home and assess

What will happen if your employee has symptoms:

  • All employees should check for symptoms on a daily basis before coming to work. This should include a review of the COVID-19 symptom list and possible temperature screening.
  • If new or worsening symptoms occur they should call the Aspirus COVID-19 Call Center, 844-568-0701 or their provider. This is required to make a testing appointment.
  • If tested they must isolate until they get their test result back (they should report to their employer they have received a test but they will not have a written note)
  • Tests will take 1-4 days for a result (employees should enroll in MyAspirus to receive their results in the quickest manner and they can be printed for them to share with their employer)
  • If negative they can return to work once their symptoms have resolved
  • If positive they must follow the CDC guidelines, a minimum of 10 days and 24 hours with no symptoms before returning to work

What will happen if your employee is exposed and identified as a Close Contact of someone who is positive:

  • A close contact is someone who has been within 6 feet for 15 minutes or longer with someone who has tested positive
  • Close contacts may be contacted by Public Health as part of contact tracing
  • Close contacts must quarantine for 14 days whether they have symptoms or not
  • Testing may occur 4-6 days after exposure but will not alter the need to quarantine for 14 days
  • A negative test still requires the full 14 days quarantine since symptoms can start anytime during the 14 days
  • A positive test starts the minimum of 10 days and 24 hours with no symptoms protocol 
  • After a positive test and following the 10 days/24 hours symptom free protocol it is not advised or required to get a negative COVID-19 test before return to work.
Contact Aspirus Business Health at 844-888-5873 or email us at with questions or for additional support information including options for workplace consulting, temperature screening and training and our electronic symptom reporting tool.