Linda Sybeldon: "I was in very good hands."

Linda Sybeldon of Ironwood knew she need to seek help.

She started to shy away from her hobbies and activities she loves due to feelings of sadness, emptiness, and depression.

Linda tried several medications with limited success with the support of her primary care physician. She was then referred to Dr. Jason Bombard, a psychiatrist at Aspirus Ironwood Hospital.

Together, Linda and Dr. Bombard discussed her care options and changed her medications. Dr. Bombard also encouraged Linda to try Aspirus Ironwood Hospital's new Senior Wellness Program, which consists of both group and individual treatment. Linda was a prime candidate for the program and decided to enroll.

“I had never participated in any kind of group therapy and was very hesitant to go at first,” Linda said. “There is still a lot of shame and embarrassment about depression; many people don’t want to talk about it or admit they have it.”

The Senior Wellness Program at Aspirus Ironwood Hospital provides outpatient evidence-based treatment solutions to individuals who may be experiencing difficulty adjusting to mental health challenges such as age, depression and anxiety.

Upon arriving to her first day of the program, Linda said she was greeted warmly by the entire staff. “They made every effort to meet my needs and took care of any concerns I had,” she said. “I felt I was in very good hands.”

Her fellow participants in the group were also welcoming Linda said. “Everyone was so kind. They introduced themselves and many shared why they started the program. I have made some new friends.”
Between the careful instruction and the support of the outstanding outpatient Behavioral Health team at Aspirus Ironwood, Linda is back to feeling herself and becoming more active by the day.

“I am really doing well and will be graduating from the program soon,” Linda said. “I now know of many ways and available resources to overcome any issues I may encounter in the future. The Behavioral Health staff is exceptional. They went out of their way to help me, providing information about my individual health issues and finding resources for opportunities outside the program.”

Linda couldn’t be more thankful to her care team – Dr. Jason Bombard; Travis Hollenbeck, RN; Amy Saarnio-Wyka, Therapist and Heather Nyman, CNA for making her as comfortable as possible and keeping her spirits up.

“At my first review, I was asked how I liked the program,” she said. “I enthusiastically said, ‘I love it.’”

Linda encourages anyone who might be experiencing anxiety, depression or sadness to give the Aspirus Ironwood Hospital - Senior Wellness Program a try, at least once. “You’ll be surprised how much it will help you.”

For more information about the Aspirus Ironwood Hospital - Senior Wellness Program call 906-932-6190, ask your primary care physician or visit