Got Healed! Wisconsin Rapids Woman Celebrates Healing of Stubborn Wound

After nearly two years of living with a non-healing wound, Candy Rosplock of Wisconsin Rapids has traded her bandages for a “Got Healed!” t-shirt.

Candy had lower back surgery in October 2018, but her incision refused to heal. That’s when the team at Aspirus Riverview Wound & Hyperbarics Center became her second family. Every Thursday morning, Candy visited the center, where her doctors and nurses worked persistently until she could ring the bell to celebrate being healed.

“Our ‘healed bell’ gets plenty of use, but I will always remember the day Candy rang that bell,” said Alicia Serafin, RN, the center’s nurse manager and a member of Candy’s healing team. “It was a huge victory for all of us, and it felt so great to give Candy her life back!”

Using advanced therapies, Aspirus Riverview Wound & Hyperbarics Center has a 94% healing rate within a median of 26 days. While Candy’s wound was especially stubborn and took much longer to heal, her team did not give up.

“We never surrender,” said Dr. Richard Wessling, the physician who had the honor of declaring Candy healed at her final appointment on June 25, 2020.

Today, Candy is enjoying swimming, taking baths, camping, and all the other activities her wound, pain and bandages had prevented. Her advice to others living with a wound that won’t heal: “Hang in there. Be patient. Don’t give up.”

If you or someone you love is suffering from a wound that won’t heal, the staff at Aspirus Riverview Wound & Hyperbarics Center wants to help. To schedule an appointment, please call the Center at 715-422-7755. For more information about wound care at Aspirus, visit