Aspirus Wound and Hyperbaric Center

A Department of Aspirus Wausau Hospital

About this Location

The Aspirus Wound & Hyperbaric Center is located on the third floor of Aspirus Wausau Hospital. Patients and visitors should use Hospital Entrance A.

The Aspirus Wound & Hyperbaric Center provides a comprehensive approach to wound care provided by highly trained specialists to help promote healing, prevent infection and re-injury.

Our providers help patients with wounds related to pressure, burns, ulcers, diabetes, arterial insufficiency, radiation treatment or complex surgical wounds. We can also help patients with chronic wounds that do not show improvement or healing after four weeks.

Services Available

Below is a list of some of the services provided at this location. For more detailed information on hyperbaric oxygen therapy or wound care, click on the service links above.

  • Complete wound assessment
  • Wide variety of conventional and specialty wound treatments
  • Patient and family education and instruction in wound care and dressing application
  • Disease specific information on treatment and services
  • Provider-directed care to help identify all underlying disease factors
  • Care management by a certified wound specialist
  • Assistance in obtaining wound care supplies and necessary medical equipment
  • Ostomy care and education
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Limb Preservation Program
  • Additional Resource -

Any patient with an open wound may benefit from the services offered. Patients may self-refer, or contact your personal physician for a referral. Call us for more information or to make an appointment.

Caring for Ostomies

The Aspirus Wound & Hyperbaric Center offers specialized care for people with an ostomy. Our certified and experienced staff members educate people so that they feel confident in caring for themselves and assist with challenges or complications that they may encounter.

Ways that we can assist:

  • Post-operative evaluation and treatment of new urostomy, colostomy and ileostomy
  • Assess and treat ostomy malfunction e.g. leaking pouch systems, mucocutaneous separation, hypergranulation tissue, parastomal hernia and prolapse after hernia
  • Assess, treat and manage skin damage
  • Collaborate with local and regional medical equipment providers regarding ostomy supplies
  • Help customers to network with supply manufacturers for supply samples and education materials
  • Serve as a resource for local and regional skilled nursing facilities, assisted living and group homes with regard to ostomy supplies and care
  • Host and facilitate the Aspirus Ostomy Support Group meeting on a monthly basis