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Aspirus New Grad Apprentice Program is Accepting Applications


Josh Arndt, Future New Grad Apprentice at Aspirus

The Aspirus New Grad Apprentice (NGA) program is a program geared towards new nurses who are seeking a hospital position but may be unsure of where they want to practice.


This unique program offers new graduate nurses the opportunity to work in several different inpatient hospital departments prior to selecting a final position. Throughout the program, nurses experience different patient populations, unit cultures and workflows before committing to a unit.


The NGA program currently offers two versions, classic and critical care.


The classic is one year in length and allows new nurses to experience seven inpatient units, six weeks at a time, both in med/surg and intensive care unit (ICU) step-down.


The critical care version is six months in length and takes new nurses down one of two paths, cardiac or med/surg. Once the new nurse chooses their path, they will orientate and work on the corresponding ICU step-down unit, then cycle through both the cardiac and med/surg ICU’s and end in the emergency department.


At the conclusion of the full rotation, the nurse will then meet with leaders to discuss what they think is the best-matched unit. If a nurse finds a unit where they would like to stay permanently, the NGA program staff will work with the unit leadership to get the nurse a position there.


Elizabeth Flora, Aspirus NGA Program Manager says, “The goal is to help nurses find what ultimately makes them happy, because when you do what you love, you can provide the best care possible."



The NGA program allows for individuals to have a dynamic and unique experience on the units by allowing them to orientate and work on their own while still being supported. Along the way, each nurse is provided with support from the float pool and department specific leadership teams and additional programs geared towards new nurses.


Applications are accepted year-round for the NGA program. Nurses must be in their last semester or within six months of graduation from nursing school and obtain a registered nursing license prior to their start date.


Apply now on or email Elizabeth Flora at for more information.




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