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Aspirus Hospice House is a place of comfort and companionship for patients with end-stage illnesses who choose an alternative to home. It offers a compassionate and safe environment in a home-like setting.

Hospice House is a 7,100 square-foot home set on 1.8 acres in Wausau. Eight private bedrooms, each of which is warmly decorated, overlook restful mountain or wooded areas. Each spacious bedroom is completely furnished and includes private bath, telephone, television and VCR, and space for guests. Patients and their family have access to a homey kitchen, gracious dining room, sunny great room, private sitting room and covered porches.

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Hospice House is staffed 24 hours a day by Certified Nursing Assistants or Licensed Practical Nurses. All needed services, including nursing, social work, counseling, medication and supplies continue to be provided, as they would in the patient's own home. Patients continue to have access to inpatient care, if needed.

Who Is Eligible For This Care?

Patients must qualify for Aspirus Comfort Care and Hospice Services and choose to live in Hospice House. Our staff works together with the patient, and the patient's family and physician to determine if Hospice House is an appropriate alternative to the patient's home.

Who Pays for This Care?

The services that are routinely paid for by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance for hospice home care also apply toward Hospice House care. This usually includes charges for nurses, social workers and chaplains, and the cost of equipment and appropriate prescription medications.

The patient generally pays for the room and board expenses. Some private insurance plans may contribute to the daily room and board charge. The Aspirus Comfort Care and Hospice Services staff members work closely with the patient and their family to clarify insurance coverage and to discuss any financial concerns. Through community funding, there are two rooms available at Hospice House for patients with identified financial need. For more information about qualifications, please call 715-847-2424.

Support Hospice House

Make a gift to the Aspirus Health Foundation in support of hospice and palliative care.

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Memorial Tiles and Pathway Bricks

A commemorative engraved tile or brick at the Hospice House creates a lasting tribute with a visible way to honor and memorialize your loved one, and support hospice care for future patients and families.

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Aspirus Health Foundation

We exists to strengthen the healing mission of Aspirus and to improve health and quality of life for people in our communities.

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  • Hospice House Tour

    Hospice House Tour

    Tour the Aspirus Hospice House, a place of comfort and companionship for patients with end-stage illnesses who choose an alternative to home.