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Your Gifts

THANK YOU! Because of the generosity and gifts of many donors in our community, we have reached our capital campaign goal! Together, we raised $4,674,000 to create the Aspirus Family House to help patients and families dealing with serious illness or medical crisis.

The Family House at Aspirus


The love of family is one of the greatest joys of life.  We all want only the best for our families.  But life doesn’t always work out that way.

Many families are challenged with the devastation of a serious illness or injury.  Some families must travel significant distance in order to access needed health care. This is emotionally, physically and financially exhausting.

To best help a patient you have to help the whole family.  We know that family members are vital to healing and health.

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Supporting patients and families with a caring community and lodging on our campus can help make health challenges a little less daunting.

Family house will serve:

  • Patients who receive daily treatment for multiple weeks or months and need to travel a distance.
  • Family members who must travel a distance to be with a loved one who is hospitalized.
  • People who have a scheduled medical appointment early or late in the day and same-day travel would be difficult.


Would you like to assist Aspirus Family House staff by always being a positive, smiling and helpful representative of Aspirus to patients and families as they come and go? Opportunities are available to volunteer at the welcome desk and general house services.

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The family house at Aspirus will be a home where patients and families will be surrounded by the support of others who are going through similar experiences.  It will be a special place where volunteers surround patients and families with the comforts of home, lend an ear and offer a shoulder to lean on.

Family house will offer:

  • Ten bedrooms with private baths
  • Shared living spaces for meals, relaxing, TV, laundry
  • A place of safety
  • Somewhere to rest
  • Peace of mind


A one-story medical building on the corner of 28th Avenue and Westhill Drive will be purchased and remodeled to create Family House.  The property is adjacent to Aspirus Wausau Hospital.  Groundbreaking is planned for July 2019.  Opening is scheduled for January 2020.

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You can help patients and families who must travel to Wausau for specialty care or have a loved one in medical crisis and need help with a safe, affordable, healing place to stay. 
$  35 - Supports a family for one night
$105 - Supports a family for three nights
$245 - Supports a family for one week
____ - Other amount

Your tax-deductible gift will support vulnerable patients and families who need assistance with housing during a difficult time in their lives.

To learn more about how you can give, please contact:
Kalynn Pempek, Executive Director
Aspirus Health Foundation and Volunteer Services

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“To take the burden of travel or lodging off one’s shoulders during treatment is a blessing I cannot describe.”
‒ Cancer patient at Aspirus

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  • Give healing a home: Aspirus Family House

    Give healing a home: Aspirus Family House

    Aspirus is opening a family house in Wausau to help individuals and families who may need to travel for care or spend extended time away from home.