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Aspirus Specialty Pharmacy provides convenient medication pickup or delivery.  We have pharmacists who fully review your medications and medical history prior to starting a new specialty medication. The Specialty pharmacy team works closely with your provider to ensure the best care. Having your prescription filled at the Aspirus Specialty Pharmacy allows our pharmacy team to engage with you when starting a new therapy. Our team will ensure you fully understand everything from how to use your medication, side effects, cost savings, and adherence. We also have the ability to see your medical charts making recommendations with your whole care team to identify any concerns ensuring that you are on the right medication. 

Refilling and Transferring Prescriptions FAQs

Can Aspirus help me refill my medication prescriptions, including specialty medications?

  • Aspirus patients can request medication prescription refills through the MyChart or through the Specialty Pharmacy. 
  • If an updated prescription is needed from your physician, our pharmacy will contact the physician.

How do I transfer prescriptions from another retail pharmacy or clinical pharmacy to Aspirus Specialty, and how does Aspirus Specialty deal with a medication that needs prior authorization?

  • To transfer prescriptions, call the Aspirus Specialty Pharmacy with your current pharmacy information plus the specialty medication(s) you need. 
  • Aspirus Specialty will handle everything needed to process and refill your prescriptions. 

Home Delivery FAQs

How do I check the status of my prescription?

  • Our staff will contact you along the way of filling your prescription with updates, potential insurance or affordability assistance options and pick up/delivery options when your prescription is ready.
  • You can call the Aspirus Specialty Pharmacy during regular operation hours Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm and ask about the status of your prescription.
  • If shipping your medication, Aspirus Specialty Pharmacy can have the tracking information on your prescription sent to you cell phone or email. 

How can we provide a hassle free delivery to you?

  • Aspirus Specialty can ship your specialty medication to your door. 
  • Your prescription is filled by the specialty pharmacy, confirmed through your insurance, and the medication can be picked up or shipped directly to you after setting up the day and location for your delivery with our specialty pharmacy team via phone call or text.

How much does mail delivery cost?

  • Aspirus Specialty Pharmacy offers secure mail delivery of prescriptions, at no additional cost to you. 
  • Aspirus Specialty covers the cost of shipping medications for patients with a recurring prescription, so there is no need to make a trip to the pharmacy.

How do I pick up or sign up for shipping of my prescription?

  • Aspirus Specialty Pharmacy services must be agreed upon by the patient. 
  • Once a patient decides to opt-in the program, the pharmacist will do a full review of your medications and must consult you on the new medication. 
  • Any patient has the right to decline counseling or any services that the Specialty Pharmacy offer.
  • Picking up you medication at the pharmacy will always give you the quickest way to receive your medication and counseling for a pharmacist.
  • Shipping services can then be set up while talking with the Specialty Pharmacy Team. 

Is shipping delivery secure? How fast does it arrive?

  • Aspirus Specialty Pharmacy shipping is secure with FedEx, UPS or USPS for PO Boxes.
  • Medications arrive in non-descript packaging via next day delivery with FedEx and UPS.
  • Expedited shipping with USPS generally takes 3-5 business days.  
  • Picking up at the pharmacy will ensure quickest delivery to you.

Can Aspirus Specialty Pharmacy ship prescriptions out of state?

  • Prescriptions can be mailed throughout Wisconsin and to select states. 
  • Ask a pharmacy staff member if shipping is available to your specific delivery location. 

Insurance, Financial Assistance and Medicare FAQs

What type of insurance is accepted at Aspirus Specialty pharmacy?

  • Our pharmacy participates with many different insurance companies. 
  • Insurance plans, policies and laws can change, please contact your insurance company to see if we are a contracted pharmacy. 
  • Please notify us immediately if you have an insurance plan change, coverage change, or insurance loss so we can properly bill your claims in order to continue to provide you care.

What financial assistance does Aspirus Specialty Pharmacy offer?

  • There may be times when you are prescribed a medicine that is not covered by your insurance plan. 
  • Aspirus Specialty Pharmacy will do our best to work with your provider and insurance company to find a cost effective or covered medication that will work for you. 
  • With your approval, we can also look into Manufacturer Assistance Programs to help lower the cost of your medication. 

Please ask our staff for more information.

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