Swing Bed

What is Swing Bed?

Aspirus Swing Bed program is a Medicare approved program provided by certified rural hospitals to provide post-acute care to patients after a short-term acute stay. The Swing bed program is designed to help patients remain in their communities or return to their communities after a hospitalization leading to the need for additional care. 

We at Aspirus will coordinate care with outside facilities to return our patients to their community and families while they continue to return to their prior level of function before returning home safely.

Benefits of the Aspirus Swing Bed Program:

  • Recovery is in a safe and secure environment, close to home where it’s easy for family and friends to visit. 
  • Skilled nurses and physicians are available 24 hours a day. 
  • Access to health care specialists including: physical therapists, speech therapists, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists and dietitians. 
  • Care Coordinator services to arrange for Home Health therapies, nursing, supportive care and other services you may need when you return home. 
  • Coordinated team services are provided to help address nutrition, pain, and medical management while your strength and function improves enough to return home independently or with home care services.

Who Can Benefit from Swing Bed?

The swing bed program is beneficial to our patients as it is a way for a patient to get the extra care they need when they are not ready to return home safely. The patient can remain in the same room, with the same staff and the same great care! 

What Are Some Common Health Issues in Swing Bed?

There are many conditions that can qualify a patient for Swing Bed. Some of our common medical conditions include cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, weakness/deconditioning but is not limited to these diagnoses.

We commonly see individuals who need extended IV antibiotic treatments, those recovering from post-surgical procedures and those with increased weakness after their short hospital stay. The swing bed program is designed for those patients who just need a little extra care before returning home.

What Are Some Services Provided to Swing Bed Patients?

Patient will receive daily skilled care from multiple disciplines. Patients will also have access to:

  • Therapy Services (Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy)
  • 24-hour Nursing Care
  • On-site physicians
  • IV therapy
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Dietary Services
  • Discharge Planning and Care Coordination

How Do I Qualify for Swing Bed? 

Medicare regulations remain fully in force and swing bed patients must have a qualifying three-day acute hospital stay within the benefit period (sixty days) prior to admission to a swing bed program, unless the patient has an advantage plan that has different criteria for the skilled level of care. The patient must require daily skilled care and/or therapy services 5 days a week. 

Contact Us

For questions or to learn more about the Swing Bed program, please contact  Swing Bed Coordinator, Alayna Colombino at (906) 265-6121 Ext 11478 or Alayna.Colombino@aspirus.org.


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