Tou Shoua Lor, MD, Receives OME Mission Award

 The Aspirus Office of Medical Education (OME) recognizes collaboration and contributions made by Aspirus Physicians and Advanced Practice Clinicians (APCs) as clinical teachers for medical students and advance practice clinician students.

This is the 5th year that OME has recognized these efforts throughout the Aspirus system.

This year’s Mission Award goes to Tou Shoua Lor, MD, family medicine physician with the Aspirus Kronenwetter Clinic.

Dr. Lor demonstrates a passion to train advance practice students or medical students recognizing it as the right thing to do to help heal people, promote health and strengthen communities.


Below are submissions by students of Dr. Lor.

“Dr. Lor is an incredible role model devoted to teaching and encouraging the next generation of physicians. As an underrepresented minority who had a difficult journey into medical school Dr. Lor instills confidence and hope in a field filled with self-doubt. Dr. Lor encourages us students to take initiative and is the light at the end of the tunnel that makes me believe that one day I too can become a great physician just like Dr. Lor.”—Medical Student


“Dr. Lor was an incredible mentor and teacher during my clinical apprenticeship. Dr. Lor would schedule time out of his busy schedule just to be able to teach and discuss cases together. Time where he can see more patients, he sacrifices to teaching his students. He allowed me to participate in everything and instilled confidence and belief that I to can become a great physician one day.”—Medical Student