Dr. Christian DeGregorio Receives OME Joy Award

The Aspirus Office of Medical Education (OME) is recognizing collaboration and contributions made by Aspirus Physicians and Advanced Practice Clinicians (APCs) as clinical teachers for medical students and advance practice clinician students.

This is the 3rd year that OME has recognized these efforts throughout the Aspirus system.

This year's Joy Award went to Dr. Christian DeGregorio at Aspirus Weston Clinic-Behavioral Health.

This awardee demonstrates enthusiasm, teaches with happiness, celebrates student and academic success, and consistently contributes to a positive learning environment.

This was submitted from a few medical students about Dr. DeGregorio:

“Dr. DeGregorio has such a caring heart and is easy to see how much he truly cares about the children/adults he cares for. He enjoys his job and it shows in his interactions. He is more than available for questions and his interactions with patients and their families is amazing. Thank you Dr. DeGregorio for an awesome rotation! Dr DeGregorio is an inspiring provider and individual. He puts his patients and their families first, showing true compassion, accountability, and joy in his work. He loves what he does and his enthusiasm is viral. Dr DeGregorio shows his true caring for his patients and their families each and every day. He truly listens to them and wants to see them succeed, just like a true family member would.  He is inspiring to me and makes me want to do my best!”–NP Student

“I could tell his passion for his patients and teaching was infectious. He was approachable, engaging, and helpful and provided valuable resources for my future practice and continuing education.” –PA Student