Aspirus Riverview Hospital Adds Helicopter Landing Capability

WISCONSIN RAPIDS – Aspirus MedEvac helicopters are now able to land at Aspirus Riverview Hospital in Wisconsin Rapids, providing patients with faster transportation to advanced-level care.

“In an emergency, every minute is critical,” said Charlie Kotke, Aspirus MedEvac Regional Manager. “This new capability enables us to get patients enroute to the advanced care they need much faster than ever before. It will have a significant impact on our ability to save lives.”

Previously, patients who required air transportation to a tertiary care facility had to be taken from the hospital by ambulance to meet a medical helicopter at Alexander Field-South Wood County Airport about 1.5 miles away. “Precious minutes could be lost during the double transport, especially if an ambulance was not immediately available,” said Kotke. “There is also cost savings for the patient, as they will not be billed for an ambulance transport to the airport.”

Aspirus Riverview Hospital’s designated landing zone is located adjacent to its emergency department, between the hospital and Riverview Expressway. According to Kotke, the hospital averages about three patients per month who require helicopter transport to another facility. 

“Congratulations to the teams who worked to establish the new designated landing zone,” said Kotke. “Their extensive planning and training are responsible for bringing this enhanced level of emergency care to our community.”