Aspirus Pharmacy Residency Program Grooming Future Pharmacists

Aspirus Pharmacist Karen Klosinski has been with Aspirus for seven years, but she got her start with the health care system before her employment started at Aspirus.

She completed the Aspirus Pharmacy Residency Program at Aspirus Wausau Hospital (AWH).

“I’m originally from Wausau and wanted to return home after going to college at UW-Madison,” says Klosinski. “I was interested in chemistry in high school and wanted a job where I could help people. So, becoming a pharmacist was a good fit for me.”

Karen learned about the program after a student rotation at AWH.

The residency program at AWH provides residents with a broad range of clinical experiences with a focus on inpatient acute care, drug information and practice management.

“I was able to learn a little bit about everything in an inpatient setting in a short period of time,” says Klosinski. “I learned a lot quicker through this program than if I was only staffing.”

Numerous educational opportunities, both public and professional, are available with partners in cardiology, emergency medicine, and outpatient oncology through the residency.

Today, Karen is working side by side with many of the people she learned from during her residency.

“It’s always so much easier to do your job when you have a good relationship with the providers,” says Klosinski. “This program really got me off to a good start here at Aspirus.”

Aspirus is scheduled to host two WebEx virtual open houses for anyone interested in the program:

Monday, November 15     4 – 6 p.m.

Tuesday, November 16      5 – 7 p.m.

One can learn also more about the program by visiting the Aspirus website at