Aspirus Langlade Expands Use of Solar Panels

(Antigo, WI) – Aspirus Langlade Hospital continues to lead efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and conserve energy by investing in solar power. 

New solar panels have recently been installed on the roof of the  Aspirus Langlade St. Joseph’s Outpatient Center as an alternative power source. 

It’s the third solar array in use by Aspirus Langlade as panels were previously installed on the roof of the main hospital building in 2019 and 2021. 

“This project is an exciting step in our journey to becoming more sustainable and investments like this are important to help Aspirus achieve our long-term financial and sustainability goals,” shares Aspirus Northeast WI Division President Sherry Bunten. “As a leader in the communities we serve, we take great pride in our environmental efforts.” 

The additional solar panels, which were put into service on January 9 will produce approximately 163,000 kWh of electricity annually which offsets 18-percent of electricity usage and will generate about $9,000 in annual savings for the Outpatient Center’s operation. In addition, an annual carbon reduction of 115 metric tons is equal to the carbon emissions or energy used by 93 vehicles, 53 homes or 18,252 bags of landfill-bound trash. 

“A unique feature of the solar array pattern is that rather than them all being tipped in a south-facing direction, they are flip flopped to face both east and west,” said Jason Noskowiak, Manager of Maintenance and Facilities at Aspirus Langlade. “This unique design will provide more sun coverage from summer through winter.” 

Aspirus is committed to aggressive sustainability goals for the health of the communities it serves. Goals for the Aspirus system hospitals include reducing carbon emissions by 80% and reducing energy costs by 50%, both by 2030. 

Aspirus Langlade will receive approximately $102,000 in state and federal renewable energy credits to help fund the latest solar array project. 

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