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Nursing with Heart in the Northwoods


Julie Christensen, Aspirus Registered Nurse and Nursing Supervisor

In the heart of Women in Medicine Month, we proudly shine a spotlight on exceptional women who have made their mark in the health care field. Among these remarkable individuals is Julie Christensen, a dedicated registered nurse and nursing supervisor at Aspirus Health.


"I wanted to be a nurse ever since I was little," Julie shares. Growing up in an environment where both her parents were nurses, Julie's connection to health care was deeply ingrained. "I always had the health care field in my blood, I guess you could say," she reflects. “I always wanted to help people, and nursing was the best fit for that.”


Her journey began as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at Howard Young Medical Center while she was still in high school. This foundational experience laid the groundwork for her future in nursing, allowing her to witness firsthand the compassionate and skilled care that patients deserve.


As she progressed through her education and training, her passion for nursing only intensified.


Julie's impact has been particularly felt during her 12-year tenure at Aspirus Eagle River Hospital (AERH). Her journey has taken her from this hospital to public health and back again, underlining her unwavering commitment to the well-being of her patients. "I knew I had to come back to the hospital. Caring for patients and being part of their healing process was really important to me," she shares.


Reflecting on the unique qualities that women bring to the health care sector, Julie highlights the nurturing aspect that often comes naturally to many women. "I think women tend to offer more of that motherly feeling to patients when they're sick and not feeling well," she notes. While acknowledging that men can also possess these qualities, Julie emphasizes the special warmth and empathy that women can infuse into their caregiving roles.


Another vital aspect of Julie’s approach to nursing is communication.


"Communication is huge," she emphasizes. Whether liaising with colleagues, superiors or patients, Julie recognizes the importance of transparency and effective dialogue. This commitment to communication not only ensures the best possible care for patients but also fosters trust and collaboration within the health care team.


A career in nursing is not without challenges, though. Julie acknowledges the difficulty of finding a work-life balance, a struggle many medical professionals face. Her approach involves setting clear boundaries and prioritizing quality time with her family.


Julie's career has been characterized by a steadfast commitment to growth. "You learn something new every day," she remarks. Reflecting on her own journey, Julie offers valuable advice to aspiring nurses: "just keep going. Keep learning and have good communication with everyone around you."



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