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Collaborative Care in Cancer Treatment

The Pivotal Role of Aspirus Oncology Pharmacists


Cancer: a word that carries the weight of millions of lives affected worldwide. As medical science advances and treatment options become more complex, the role of health care professionals in cancer care has become increasingly crucial. Among these professionals, the oncology pharmacist plays a pivotal role in ensuring that cancer patients receive the most effective and safe treatments possible.


An oncology pharmacist is a highly specialized health care professional who focuses on the pharmaceutical care of cancer patients. These professionals are armed with advanced knowledge acquired through post-graduate training and specialization in fields such as pharmacology, oncology and the intricacies of cancer treatment.


Tia Hintz, an oncology pharmacist at Aspirus Cancer Care – Wausau says, "we work closely with patients to adjust doses, monitor lab results, and address any side effects the patient is experiencing."


One of the defining aspects of an oncology pharmacist's role is the management of high-risk medications. Hintz says safety is very important, as patients “need to know how they interact in the world while they’re on chemotherapy or other forms of treatment.”


She says she takes a proactive approach by educating patients on medication interactions, lifestyle adjustments and safety measures to protect both patients and their families. She also helps patients navigate the often-confusing terrain of specialty medications, ensuring no barriers stand in the way of treatment.


But oncology pharmacists don’t work alone – they team up with oncologists, nurses, lab technicians, certified nursing assistants (CNAs), medical assistants (MAs) and other specialists to enhance treatment outcomes and improve the lives of cancer patients.


“When patients seek their cancer care here at Aspirus, they really do have a full team of people on their side,” says Hintz. “We’re all just one big collaborative group working together to provide comprehensive care.”


However, what truly sets their role apart is the profound relationships they foster with their patients. "We see patients in an office setting each and every time they're here at the clinic, so we really get to develop a relationship and build trust with them throughout their treatment," explains Hintz. "We get to tell them real-world examples of side effects that our patients are actually experiencing, so we don’t have to rely solely on what’s listed on a package insert put out by the drug manufacturer. It allows us to say, ‘I have patients on this drug, and they have these side effects.’”


This transparency fosters trust and empowers patients to manage their treatment with confidence.


"When patients choose Aspirus Cancer Care, they can be confident that they are getting the best care for their specific type of cancer," reassures Hintz.


Through collaboration, dedication and an unwavering commitment to their profession, oncology pharmacists like Hintz play a pivotal role in the ongoing fight against cancer, offering a beacon of hope to patients and their families during the most trying of times.


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