Global Recycling Day: March 18

Soft plastics recycling at Aspirus Medford Hospital.

Global Recycling Day is March 18. The aim of this annual celebration is to encourage the world to remember that recycled commodities are a resource and not waste.

At Aspirus Health, we’ve implemented dozens of recycling initiatives, including the recycling and reuse of paper products, batteries, pill bottles, cans, bottles, plastics, construction materials and more.

Our construction team is committed to a landfill diversion program initiative to divert 70%+ of waste generated in the construction process, such as demolition materials, away from the landfill. These materials are recovered and sold back to local vendors.

Other earth-friendly programs implemented by Aspirus Health include the introduction of electric and hybrid vehicles to its fleets; installation of LED lighting and rooftop solar panels; adoption of meatless meals and vertical hydroponic gardens; use of environmentally friendly cleaning products; and implementation of green building design and sustainable materials in construction.