Funds Awarded for Additional Hearing Screeners

Free Public Health Initiative Will Be Offered to All Residents

Aspirus Medford Community Benefit Program recently awarded the Taylor County Health Department funds for the purchase of two new audiometers to support the expansion of the free Taylor County Hearing Screening Program.

Historically the Taylor County Hearing Screening Program was offered primarily to youth in Medford, Gilman, and Rib Lake School Districts. With this funding support the Health Department will be able to purchase two additional devices which can provide personalized hearing screenings at locations throughout Taylor County – including senior meal sites, WIC Clinics, childcare centers, and other locations where residents gather. Free hearing screenings will also be available at the Health Department by appointment - 715-748-1410.

“Early intervention is key when it comes to hearing loss, whether it is hereditary, gradual over time, or following an injury,” stated Michelle Cahoon, Health Officer with the Taylor County Health Department. “The earlier a hearing loss can be identified means the earlier services and treatment can be sought out, thereby improving a person’s overall quality of life.”

Referrals and follow-up will be provided by Health Department staff for individuals who were identified as having a significant hearing loss; however, this is not meant to take the place of a complete audiological examination.