Butterfly garden now beautifying Aspirus Houghton Clinic

Butterfly garden at Aspirus Houghton Clinic

On June 19, Aspirus Health leaders came together to help beautify the Aspirus Houghton Clinic while also helping the environment.

The focus was the front entrance where patients and visitors enter the facility. The hope was to rejuvenate the area while following Aspirus Health’s sustainability and green team initiatives.

The Aspirus Houghton Clinic entrance now serves as a butterfly garden.

Butterflies and other insects that feed on nectar are crucial to the lifecycles of plants, many of which humans and animals rely on for food. Without pollinators, these plants would not thrive. Unfortunately, the population of pollinators is falling due to threats like habitat loss.

Butterfly gardens help preserve essential habitat for butterflies and other pollinators.

The perennials, butterfly bushes, lavender, mulch and flowers used in the garden were donated by the Keweenaw Health Foundation.