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Being Part of Aspirus’ First Line of Defense

Two years ago, Wendy Brunton was looking for a change. She was working in food services and thought that she’d like to work in a hospital. That was right before the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down.

Today, she’s working in the Environmental Services Department (EVS) at Aspirus Wausau Hospital (AWH). She’s responsible for making sure the Medical Surgery Intensive Care Unit (MSICU) is properly disinfected and cleaned.

“We’re the first line of defense in preventing the spread of infections at the hospital,” says Wendy. “Not to mention that we’re huge in making a good impression on visitors and patients.”

There’s a lot of pride that comes with working in a career field such as EVS for a health care system during the largest pandemic to hit the world in 100 years.

“Working here during COVID showed people that we are more important than people thought,” says Wendy. “We’re needed just as much as everyone else to keep patients safe and get rooms ready for the next person.”

The work in EVS can be challenging, but it’s also rewarding to be part of something bigger.

“We’re like a small family,” says Wendy. “Everyone here is super friendly and the managers are always ready to get their hands dirty if needed.”

Anyone interested in working for the Aspirus EVS team can check out career opportunities at aspirus.org/our-careers.