Aspirus Keweenaw upgrades computed tomography (CT)

 Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital recently upgraded its computed tomography (CT) medical imaging to provide an improved patient experience. CT is an x-ray imaging procedure that produces 3D images that are more detailed than standard x-rays. CT scans are used to examine people with internal injuries, diagnose disease, plan treatments and more.


Aspirus Keweenaw’s newly installed SOMATOM X.cite with myExam Companion premium single-source computed tomography (CT) scanner is the latest innovation from Siemens Healthineers.


“Patients are our number one priority,” said Kim Pici, Manager – Imaging Services. “This new system provides the best possible experience for our patients for high-quality care. This new CT also provides excellent clinical information for our physicians.”


The scanner’s myExam Companion interface combines patient-specific data with details such as gender and age to intuitively determine the best techniques for obtaining and reconstructing images to make the imaging process more efficient.


A color-coded indicator easily guides patients through the scan, telling them when to take and hold breaths to allow for the capturing of clear images. A mobile tablet allows technologists to remain with patients right up to scan time, resulting in a more well-rounded and patient-focused experience.


New and innovative patient visualization camera technology enables technologists to closely monitor patients while inside the scanner to ensure better care. In addition, the FAST 3D Positioning Camera collects detailed anatomical information and automates patient positioning for precise results while the premium x-ray tube and detector lowers radiation dosage.


“This new CT allows for precise scans,” said Matt Krause, Chief Administrative Officer for Aspirus Keweenaw. “This upgrade adds to and extends the range of quality diagnostic services available right here close to home.”


With a focus on comfort and workflows that adapt to the needs of each patient, the scans are backed by comprehensive data that physicians can rely on to provide exceptional patient care.


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