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Empowering Women's Health: Christiann Rosemurgy's Trailblazing Story in Medicine


Christiann Rosemurgy, Aspirus certified nurse midwife and women’s health nurse practitioner

As we kick off American Medical Association’s Women in Medicine Month, it's essential to shine a light on the diverse and unconventional paths that many incredible women have taken in the field of health care. One such inspiring journey is that of Christiann Rosemurgy, a dedicated certified nurse midwife and women’s health nurse practitioner at Aspirus Health in the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan.


Christiann's path into medicine began at Drake University, where she pursued her undergraduate degree in biology. While she initially entertained the idea of attending medical school, life had a different plan for her. Marriage and motherhood became her focus, but her passion for health care never waned. Years later, Christiann's career aspirations were reignited, leading her down a transformative path toward nursing.


Amidst her journey, Christiann encountered a local college offering an RN course. Her very first job was in an office setting, an experience that would expand her perspective on the versatile roles nursing can entail.


“That’s where I started to enjoy the art of nursing,” says Christiann. “I learned nursing can be a lot of different things – not just traditional nursing in a hospital.”


For an impressive 19 years, Christiann dedicated herself to office nursing, with her later years focused on obstetrics and gynecology. It was during this period that her passion and dedication caught the attention of the physicians she worked with. Encouraged to pursue higher education, Christiann embarked on a remarkable journey to enhance her skills and knowledge.


Christiann's pursuit of education led her to Georgetown University, where she pursued a dual degree as a women's health nurse practitioner and certified nurse midwife. This was no ordinary educational journey – it was a hybrid program that required her to travel and commit herself to hands-on training away from her family in Charleston, South Carolina. The sacrifices were significant, but they paved the way for her to become the first certified nurse midwife in the Keweenaw area of the UP.


“It was not a position that anyone had held before me, which was part of the reason I had to travel away to finish my education and hands-on training,” says Christiann. “I think it was a leap of faith for the people at Aspirus who said, ‘sure, we're going to take a chance on this lady,’ and I'm so grateful that they did. They allowed me to do what I do now and surrounded me with support and people who have helped me along the way, so I'm pretty proud of that.”


Christiann's approach to her profession is deeply rooted in her life experiences and values. As a woman in women's health care, she brings a unique perspective – one shaped by her own health journey, her role as a wife and mother, and her empathetic nature. Her ability to listen and truly hear her patients is a hallmark of her practice, offering a safe space for women to share their concerns and experiences.


“I think in medicine we all bring our own life experiences to the table. And as a woman in the women's health care field, I bring the perspective of someone who’s ‘been there, done that.’ I've experienced the symptoms you've had. I've had different health conditions perhaps, so oftentimes I can relate to the patient,” says Christiann.


Christiann's journey hasn't been without its hurdles. Midwives have often faced misconceptions and stereotypes, but she's steadfast in her role, armed with the knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive care. The lessons instilled by her father – that excellence knows no boundaries, regardless of one's chosen path – have been instrumental in Christiann's approach to her work. Her commitment to self-improvement, education and patient care sets her apart as a role model not only for aspiring medical professionals but for all women striving to make a difference.


“My advice to girls and women wanting to get into medicine is to always be secure in who you are. Know where your place is, what you know and what you don't know. Be real. Believe in yourself. Continue to be curious and humble.” Above all else, Christiann wants women to know that “you can do anything you want to do.”


As we honor Christiann during Women in Medicine Month, her story serves as a testament to determination and innovation in health care. She reminds us that diverse routes lead to remarkable destinations and that women continue to revolutionize medicine in remarkable ways.


Christiann Rosemurgy sees patients in the Aspirus Houghton and Ontonagon Clinics. Visit her profile at to learn more or schedule an appointment.



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