Developing the Future of Healthcare

“I always thought I was a compassionate person but working here has given me such a deeper level of compassion for others and changed my outlook on life,” says Aspirus Certified Nursing Assistant, Landyn Schroeder.

Landyn is a junior at Wausau West High School who participated in the Aspirus paid accelerated Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Program. When not in school, she works as a full-time CNA with Aspirus Wausau Hospital (AWH).

CNAs play a vital part of the patient’s care team, helping them with daily activities such as eating, grooming, and bathing.

“I decided to become a CNA so that I could begin my career in health care from the bottom up. My long-term goal is to work in health care as my full-time occupation,” says Schroeder. “I want to be a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) nurse or an OB/GYN.”

Schroeder’s interest in becoming a CNA led her to discover the Aspirus program while searching for more information about the role online. “I signed up right away and it was amazing,” says Schroeder, who began her classes in late February of this year. “I would tell everyone to do it. I have already encouraged some of my friends who are now in the class.”

Schroeder was playing sports, working part-time in retail, and going to school when she began the CNA course offered through Aspirus’ partnership with Northcentral Technical College (NTC). Although she was initially concerned about workload and time commitment, she found the classes enjoyable and accommodating. “The small classes allowed for me to go at my own pace, and in a relaxed environment, I never felt overwhelmed,” adds Schroeder.

This week during National Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Week, Aspirus celebrates their CNAs for the hard work and dedication they put into supporting their communities.

Aspirus offers added support to guarantee success throughout the program with supplemental stipend, and a position within the Aspirus family upon course completion. Aspirus aids each student through both classes at its partner schools, NTC or Madison Area Technical College, and through clinicals at an Aspirus Hospital.

“My supervisors at Aspirus are so nice and personable, and they’re great communicators. Even my instructor through NTC was amazing and we still keep in touch,” says Schroeder. 

When asked what she enjoyed about working with Aspirus, she replied, “What’s not to like?”

She adds, “Everyone is so nice, and the environment is everything I could ask for. We all want to make a difference and help people. We all look out for one another, and these people here are my family.”

By joining Landyn and many others, you too can discover a passion for a career in health care by enrolling in the Aspirus CNA Training Program.

“It's a job. You're supposed to have good days and bad days, but I love what I do and, with the support from my coworkers, I have yet to have a bad day,” says Schroeder.

To learn more about the Aspirus CNA Training Program, visit or call 715-847-2000 ext. 50785.