Aspirus Keweenaw cheers Bike-to-Work (& School) commuters

Aspirus Keweenaw team members Kaylamarie Nuttall, Jenn Jenich-Laplander, Mariah Maggio, Joni Erkkila, Christina Asiala and Christina Verran greeted Keweenaw Bike-to-Work (& School) Day commuters in front of CLK Elementary.

Aspirus team members handed out healthy snacks, education and bike helmets.

Aspirus sponsors Keweenaw Bike-to-Work every year, offering refreshments, snacks, bike safety literature and safety gear at rest stops.

Thank you to Café Rosetta for providing energy bites; Pat's Foods for fresh fruit, snacks and juice; and the Aspirus Keweenaw Café for providing warm coffee and granola bars.

Over 200 students and families biked and enjoyed a beautiful 60-degree U.P. morning.