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Annual NICU Halloween Costumes Bring Smiles to Families


Aspirus Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Care Team

Every year, a heartwarming tradition takes place in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Aspirus Wausau Hospital that not only warms the hearts of parents but also captures the imaginations of the entire community.


It's the annual NICU Halloween Costumes event, where dedicated healthcare professionals and volunteers come together to craft adorable Halloween costumes for the tiniest members of our community.


Now in its fourth year, the NICU Halloween Costumes event has become a cherished tradition. The concept behind it is simple yet profound: to bring an extra dose of joy to parents whose newborns find themselves in the NICU during Halloween.


Aspirus Registered Neonatal ICU Nurse, Heather Hetzel explains, “For these families, the experience can be challenging, and we wanted to make their babies' first Halloween special and memorable.”


The preparation for this heartwarming event starts weeks in advance, as the NICU team gets creative to come up with cute and imaginative Halloween costume ideas. These costumes are not your ordinary off-the-rack outfits; they are handcrafted with love and care. Nurses, doctors, and volunteers get together at someone's house for a fun-filled crafting night, where they put their skills to work to make these tiny costumes a reality.


“One favorite among the costumes created is the 'baby burrito,'" says Heather. “There's also a 'little old granny' costume that never fails to leave people smiling.”


The attention to detail and the sheer cuteness of these costumes captivates the hearts of many. and leaves people in awe of the creativity and dedication poured into this annual event.


The joy extends beyond the NICU as the costumes are brought to life when the infants are dressed up. Each tiny pumpkin, superhero, or animal is carefully adorned, and the babies are transformed into the cutest Halloween characters, ready to spread joy and warmth to all those around them. These heartwarming moments are captured through photographs, which the hospital's media team lovingly shares on social media.


The impact of the NICU Halloween Costumes event is immeasurable. Not only do these costumes light up the lives of the NICU babies and their parents, but they also serve as a reminder of the incredible dedication and compassion of the NICU staff and volunteers.


“Seeing their babies participate in the Halloween fun, even while in the NICU, provides parents with a sense of normalcy and an opportunity to create lasting memories,” says Heather.


It's a tradition that will undoubtedly continue to shine a light on the beauty of compassion and the magic of creativity for years to come.



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