How Your Gifts Make a Difference

Our mission is made possible by the generosity of donors who believe in the importance of making health and wellness opportunities available within our local community. Through Aspirus Riverview Foundation, nearly $5 million has been granted to support our local hospital, clinics, and community to do just that.

See below to learn about some of the recent programs and services where YOU make a difference and help strengthen our community with your gifts of healing.

Greatest Health Needs & Community Initiatives

Capacity Building: collaborative effort among Wood County, Marshfield Clinic Health System, and the Aspirus Riverview Foundation to support capacity building and leadership development for the Wood County Hmong community members and Hmong aspiring leaders.

Critical Incident Stress Management: overcomes the stigma of silent suffering and supports the mental wellness among South Wood County emergency service responders in efforts to increase resiliency and reduce risk of depression and suicidal ideations.

“First on scene to a fatal car accident, my first call and almost the last. Debrief process reinforced my actions and reassured me everything that could be done for the child, was. Helped me process the event mentally and continue to want to serve in my first responder role.” -First Responder

Feeding Our Communities with United Services (FOCUS): formed in 2020 when the South Wood Emerging Pantry Shelf (SWEPS), The Neighborhood Table (TNT), and the Rapids Family Backpacks (RFB) program merged as one nonprofit organization to better combat food insecurity and develop related services in the South Wood County area.

Foster Hope: early intervention serving at-risk youth in the Wood County foster care system by proving a specialty summer camp and mentoring program to help decrease substance use and promote kindness in all aspects of growth and development.

“A safe and affirming environment for kids to let their guard down, set aside their trauma and struggles…and just BE KIDS!” -Volunteer

Hannah Center: a home in Wisconsin Rapids for women and their children in crisis, teaching residents how to become successful independent community members by overcoming addictions, increasing self-esteem, coping with past trauma, and beginning a new healthy lifestyle. Equipping the mother with the skills and ability to teach their children positively impacts the cycles of poverty, homelessness, abuse, and addiction.

LIVEStrong: Free, 12-week program offered by the South Wood County YMCA for adult cancer survivors to regain strength, overcome fatigue, increase flexibility, and most importantly build relationships with other survivors creating a support network. Since 2013, over 300 individuals have graduated from the program with over 90% of them patients of Aspirus Cancer Care - Wisconsin Rapids.

Project SEARCH: transition-age students and adults with disabilities enter the program as interns to learn and practice their skills in a real work setting. Since 2015, Aspirus Riverview Hospital & Clinics (ARHC) have partnered with ODC to provide a work setting for the Project SEARCH program in Wisconsin Rapids. Over 55 individuals have completed the program through ARHC! 

“I have learned to always do my best because my work can affect someone else’s work. It makes me feel good to tell my co-workers good job and give them encouragement.” -Project SEARCH intern

Aspirus Riverview Hospital & Clinics Greatest Needs

A1C Home Testing Kits: pilot at Aspirus Nekoosa Clinic for high-risk diabetes patients to receive A1C home testing during the 3-month period their insurance does not cover the test helping the physician guide the patient’s care and achieving better outcomes and control for the patient.

Books for Child Wellness Visits: reading to children is a vital role in their language and cognitive development process. Ending each child wellness visit with a gift of a book allows the clinicians to promote overall health and wellness.

Community Care Paramedic Program: Aspirus refers vulnerable patients to the Wisconsin Rapids Fire Department to provide a home visit with the goals of reducing readmissions, negative health impacts, and improve overall home safety and education.

“Recently diagnosed with COVID-19 and ran out of my warfarin faster than expected. Paramedic came to my home and drew my blood, made sure I was okay, and helped my doctor get me back on track.” -Aspirus patient

Integrated Visual and Auditory (IVA) Testing Lab: non-diagnostic testing to allow the behavioral health care team to reasonably start stimulants while the patient waits for neuropsych testing to be completed. Patients now begin treatment sooner and stay local, whereas before the closest Aspirus testing lab was in Weston.

Kindness Closet: Aspirus employee initiated to help ensure patient’s comfort and dignity during visits to the hospital. Consists of new, loose-fitting clothing that a patient’s care team can use to replace clothes that get soiled and/or need to be cut off during care.

“Fell on the ice and broke my ankle. They had to cut my pants and long johns off when I got to the emergency room. I was so grateful to have been given a pair of warm sweatpants that fit nicely over my cast to wear home.” -Aspirus patient

LEEP Electrosurgical Units: equipment needed for the OB/GYN providers to perform the procedure of removing abnormal cervical cells in the office setting, reducing the financial burden and increase the overall satisfaction for the patient by avoiding the hospital operating room.

Staff Renewal Rooms: the well-being of staff is of the utmost importance and a peaceful and calm area was created to provide staff with a decompression zone.

“It is so nice to use the renewal room after a long, hard shift. I am able to go home to my family relaxed and recharged.” -Aspirus employee

Patient Funds

Provides a gift of healing through financial support of expenses related to care such as but not limited to transportation, medications, nutritional supplements, and equipment or supplies to patients struggling with expenses during their Ambulatory, Cancer, and/or Behavioral Health treatments.

“To keep my strength up during my battle with cancer I needed specialized and expensive nutritional supplements. My family is so grateful for the help, and I don’t know where I’d be without them.” -Aspirus patient

“I became very ill quickly, could not work, and the kindness and help I received getting to my appointments will be cherished always.” -Aspirus patient